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Body pump: a unique style of fitness training

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Body pump: a unique style of fitness training
The contents

  • Feature rhythmic fitness workouts
  • Exercises on the system of body pump
  • The pros study body system body pump
  • Active calorie burning

Replaced the standard programs of fitness training increasingly come to the new sports areas. One of them is called “Body pump” and is the fact that harmoniously combines aerobics, work with free weights and aerobic exercise. Most studies on the system of body-pump group, but the exercise of this direction is possible and individually at home.

Body pump is one of the newest methods of training, aimed at active weight loss. During exercise calories are burned so fast that the first results are visible already after 2-3 weeks of regular classes. At the same time body pump and strengthens the body and develops the relief of the muscles. Exercises are systemic in nature and are performed with weights: barbell, dumbbells or bodybare. Unlike the usual power fitness workouts, classes body pump included dynamic movement at a fast pace. The rhythm of the elements is preserved thanks to the active music.

Feature rhythmic fitness workouts

Classes on body-the pump is held under the dynamic music, which allows the body to enter into a distinct rhythm and thereby to strengthen the nervous system. As a result of intensive workouts burned calories and accelerates metabolism.

If conventional power training workout for the body is Autonomous, in a sparing mode, then in the body of the PAMP weights are used even at this preparatory stage. Mass weighting is chosen depending on physical fitness of the athlete, but the professionals, even experienced athletes is not recommended to work in active pace with a weight more than 20 kg. Novice athletes should start fitness training with projectiles not heavier than 1-1,5 kg to avoid accidental injuries of ligaments and tendons.

Exercises on the system of body pump

For maximum involvement of all groups of muscles in the body of the pump includes a plurality of effective exercise. They can not only burn off calories but also increase muscle tone.

Among the most popular items include:

  • lifts shells from the breast;
  • bench cargo from the back or the head;
  • squats with different weights;
  • attacks with different width of the step and an amplitude;
  • the slopes with heavy equipment;
  • pull the shells to the chest or bicep;
  • step aerobics with the raising of the shells overhead.

As a rule, in the first part of the fitness training going study of the major groups of muscles. In the second part of this, when the body is already sufficiently warmed by a load, you go to the study target groups and small muscles. At the end of training traditionally worked out abdominal muscles because this area is considered to be one of the most problematic. After the main set of exercises this area of the body is most pliable and elastic, so in the final time interval the development of the muscles of the chest will be the most effective.

Fitness workout body pump lasts an average of 40 to 60 minutes. During this time, all the muscle tissue time to achieve the desired tone, and the body receives enough exercise. Most of the training on the system of body pump are built on cyclic (circular) pattern: a cycle consists of a series of exercises, each of which runs for 1-3 minutes. During pump training cycles can be from 5 to 15, depending on the needs of the group. Individual home classes also can be built on a circular basis.

The pros study body system body pump

Active workout body pump is widely demanded among the visitors of the modern gyms. The list of benefits of this system include:

  • fast burning of calories;
  • normalization of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • warning congestive diseases;
  • normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • improve General endurance, strength, coordination and agility;
  • improvement of mobility of joints and elasticity of soft tissues;
  • the saturation of the body with oxygen;
  • study of the topography of the body, lifting flabby areas;
  • getting rid of depressive and anxiety disorders;
  • the strengthening of the skeletal frame, correction of posture;
  • prevention of diseases of locomotor apparatus.

In order to get a good result after a fitness training program, body pump, it is necessary to periodically change the load. Monotonous exercises for 1-2 months of training can cause stagnation. For this reason you want to swap exercises, experiment with the duration of loads, number of sets, repetitions and amplitude of movements. Help in this will be able to change the music or projectile. In this case, the body will develop a productive and evenly, and the motivation to employment will continue until the end of the program.

Active calorie burning

The classes body pump — one of the best ways to burn excess calories. An hour of training a person can get rid of 500-600 calories. If you compare this rhythmic fitness training with conventional power, in the second case, the athlete for an hour burns about 200-300 calories.

Active splitting of fatty deposits starts after 40 minutes of intense exercise. If you do the exercises bodi-Pampa in the required tempo and in compliance with all recommendations, the weight loss will begin much earlier.

Fitness training on the system of body pump require the athlete regularity, but it does not bring the body to exhaustion. The body felt the stress and did not stop metabolic processes should be choose correct weight of the projectile according to his fitness level.

Program body pump — it’s not just the mobile training, which involves major body parts. It is also a significant burden for the whole organism. To dynamic movements to the music brought real benefits, you should have a days rest between sessions, and also do not forget about proper nutrition and sufficient drinking regime. In the event of hardship are encouraged to contact the instructor, who will help to make your personal program fitness workouts for home lessons.

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