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Body Jam by Les Mills – dance and grow thin

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Program Body Jam allows you to lose weight and to enjoy the process of losing weight. The basis of the workout is dancing music, it’s a nice way to perfect body.

Program Body Jam by Les Mills aimed at those who like to dance. While dancing to the hottest music news, people get rid of excess weight and get into a great mood. The creators of the program suggest to forget about everything and plunge into the world of choreography.
In type of exercise relate to Body Jam cardio exercises to weight loss active, each class will transform the body. Program from Les Mills have special music, latest hits, updated regularly, make exercise not only effective for achieving the goal, but very positive. After the lesson, people feel a pleasant fatigue, but are in an excellent mood.
Body Jam is a unique way to lose weight is not through effort, and with pleasure. Music combines different styles of electronic music, hip-hop, house, trap, drum and bass and others. Workouts last from 30 to 55 minutes, they are available even for those who never was engaged in dances and sports.

There is no need to purchase any inventory, you just need to dance and get pleasure from it.

The program is designed to perform in the hall under the supervision of a trainer, but if this is not possible, the Body Jam workout can be done at home. Exercise give a powerful cardio-load, if there is a desire to complement their athletic development power unit, it is possible to choose another program from Les Mills, for example, Body Pump.
Pros Of Body Jam:

  • To do Body Jam can anyone who knows how to move to the music. Does not require special training or experience;
  • Training will take a lot of energy, but they will not be exhausting. After a workout there is physical fatigue, but along with it will be overflowing cheerfulness and positive mood;
  • In each session burned a lot of calories and fat, the effect is achieved due to the energetic movements in a fast pace;
  • In parallel with the weight loss workout Body Jam allow you to learn new dance moves, learn popular styles;
  • The dance moves are performed in sequence, to memorize this sequence is a good job for the brain. It is scientifically proven that dancing stimulate brain activity and are faced with such unpleasant phenomena as Alzheimer’s and senile dementia;
  • Training done in a natural way the development of flexibility and plasticity, skills in movement to music and rhythm subtly become better.

Shortcomings Body Jam:

  • Program Body Jam will not appeal to those who don’t like to dance;
  • If you want to lose weight quickly and toning the muscular system, it is better to make a choice in favor of more intensive training, for example, Body Combat from Les Mills.

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