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Body Combat from Les Mills – the pros and cons

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Program Body Combat – this is one of the most popular workouts from the Les Mills classes quickly lead to a form due to its high intensity. However, this training has pros and cons.

Program Body Combat from Les Mills allows you to quickly bring your body in shape through a combination of intense aerobic exercises and elements of combative sports. To engaged in this program in the gym and at home, in 2013 with the cooperation of Les Mills and Beach has developed a special version of Body Combat for home workouts.
Like all workout from the Les Mills Combat program does not allow to get bored, it’s 12 video with exciting elements of sports martial arts – karate, JIU-jitsu, Boxing, kickboxing and others. The combination of power and intense aerobic exercise provides rapid fat loss, the program includes training for the whole body, and also separately for the upper and lower part.

One training session lasts 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the intensity of the loads.

Training can be done without equipment, but with dumbbells, the result will come much faster. Also welcome the presence of a fitness Mat, with him the lessons will be more comfortable. Program Body Combat is divided into three levels of difficulty, the course lasts nine weeks, during which time the body will be brought into great shape. Like other sports venues, the program has its advantages and disadvantages.

The Benefits Of Body Combat

  • The improvement of the body due to the integrated effects of cardio and strength loads, strengthening the muscles, improving strength;
  • Quick relief from body fat formation of the beautiful toned body;
  • The variability of loads by level through the activation of all muscles, primarily the problem areas – buttocks, legs and abdomen;
  • The energetic elements from the world of combat sports allow you to burn a lot of calories and have fun;
  • The lack of physical requirements, to engage in the program can even the man who never touched combat sports;
  • The levels of difficulty of the program change from very easy to sophisticated, making Body Combat designed for people without training, and professional athletes;
  • If the program is adjusted correctly in accordance with the level of training, it will be quite difficult, but doable.

Disadvantages Of Body Combat

  • All training has a large number of jumps and other explosive exercises with a high load on the joints. Due to this, the program is not suitable for those who have health problems of the knee joints and ankles;
  • If not to engage with the instructor in the gym, and at home using video tutorials, it will take some time to study. Ligament exercises challenging enough to execute them the first time.

Program Body Combat from Les Mills is one of the tools to create perfect shapes in a short time. In addition to beautiful body of followers of the program are strengthening of muscles and increase strength, physical endurance and a willingness to implement more complex systems.

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