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Body Balance – flexibility and stress resistance

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If you’re not ready for vigorous exercise and cannot tolerate high physical loads, then you will fit the program Body Balance from Les Mills. Classes bring ease, peace of mind, resist stress.

Most of the programs from Les Mills involve vigorous exercise with high loads, Body Balance differs from the others. The program is based on elements of tai Chi, Pilates and yoga, it focuses not only on transformation of the body, but finding comfort in mind. Training takes place in a calm and measured pace, they continued for 60 minutes.
The Body Balance program is allotted a special place, a physical aspect is to strengthen muscles, increase body flexibility and joint mobility, there is a spiritual aspect is to get rid of stress, finding serenity and balance between body and mind.

Such systems call for training Body&Mind, they send people to a balanced work.

Workout Body Balance will appeal to those who love Pilates and yoga, many of the exercises were taken from there, but in a modified form. Efforts are aimed not only stretching, but strengthening the muscles, so energy will be spent more than the training in yoga. Some exercises will include elements of meditation for getting rid of stress and negativity.
The program is designed to run 2-3 times a week is enough to increase the flexibility of the body and gaining peace of mind. If the task is to get rid of excess weight, then Body Balance you must combine the aerobic and strength training, but classes should be held on different days.
The Benefits Of Body Balance:

  • Improving coordination, increasing flexibility, finding a good stretch marks;
  • The formation of the correct posture through a corrective effect on the spine and back muscles;
  • The combination of Body Balance with other loads post-workout recovery is much faster. Elements of yoga and Pilates give the muscles, speeding up recovery time;
  • Unlike most programs, Les Mills Body Balance does not require special training. The load level will be moderate, it is available even for those who never played sports or has health problems;
  • Getting rid of stress, every workout is a reboot to harmonize the inner state of body and mind;
  • Available learning the correct breathing, that will be useful for training in any format – cardio and strength;
  • For training no equipment needed, so the classes can take place not only in the gym but also at home using video tutorials;
  • Body Balance suitable for pregnant women, to begin to engage almost immediately after birth;
  • The program is combined with other workouts from Les Mills, for example, with Body Combat or Body Pump.

Disadvantages Of Body Balance:

  • For those who are not fond of Pilates and yoga, these exercises can seem boring and too quiet;
  • If the goal is weight loss, Body Balance can’t handle it. To lose weight need to pay attention to other programs from Les Mills, and the course to leave as optional.

Workout Body Balance are great for de-stressing, improving flexibility and gaining peace of mind. But if you want to get in shape for a short time, this program should be combined with others. Under the training program Body Balance should be allocated a separate day, then they will reinforce the effects on the body from other loads and speeds recovery.

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