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Body Attack by Les Mills – the pros and cons

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Program Body Attack is designed to get rid of excess weight and enhance stamina. Workouts allow you to achieve a good result, but have contraindications.

Most of the training programs from Les Mills aimed at getting rid of excess pounds, including Body Attack. This series of drills is designed to get rid of excess fat and improve physical endurance for a short time. The training will be very grueling, but just that one class burns as much as 600-700 calories. Hours of training gives the enormous strain on the body, but such measures will come to improve the body.
High efficiency is achieved through a combination of strength and aerobic elements, supporters of the program Body Attack will run, do push-UPS, jump, squat, do lunges and other challenging elements to make all the muscles. In order to withstand the load, you need to have good physical preparation.

Format Body Attack belongs to the interval loads, so the training heart rate will be increased to the maximum.

Classes begin with a vigorous warm-up, then the intensity increases and after 20 minutes of breathing will ultimately become more frequent, and the pulse is going wild. Then follows the part of the power, the pulse will be lower, but soon it will change to aerobic.
Experts recommend Les Mills Body Attack workout at least twice a week, people with good physical training can train every other day. For efficiency, you should combine Body Attack with power programs, for example, with Body Pump, but it should be done without risking overtraining.
Body Attack – advantages:

  • Burning up to 700 calories per workout ensures rapid fat loss, fat burn so badly that the result is noticeable within a month;
  • Balance loads not only provides effective weight loss, but also strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system;
  • Body Attack involves performing strength exercises, but they do not need any equipment. Each training session will be conducted solely with the own weight;
  • The exercises will be physically heavy, but light from the point of view of technology. You do not want to waste time on studying of complex elements and ligaments;
  • Updates to the program come at regular intervals, updating of training allows you to get bored or used to the stress;
  • Develop training metrics such as dexterity and coordination;
  • Musical rhythms inspire and support you in those moments when the training becomes unbearably heavy.

Body Attack – disadvantages:

  • The disadvantages of the program include a large number of contraindications, the main one is problems with the cardiovascular system. Cardio loads of such a high level stand every body;
  • Also contraindications include problems with musculoskeletal disorders, in particular with the feet and joints. Energetic jumps and other explosive exercises have a high load on the knee joints;
  • The creators of the program Body Attack positioning it as versatile and accessible, but it is quite complicated. In order to start training, you need to have a certain endurance and strength;
  • For people who are not used to regularly transfer high loads, it is better to start with something more simple, for example, with a program Body Vive by Les Mills.

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