Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

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Blackstone Labs will sue the U.S. Federal government

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After yesterday’s accusations of the two companies for the production of sports nutrition Blackstone Labs and Ventech Labs from Florida to the illegal production and sale of unsafe additives, including steroid group on the territory of the United States and abroad, their leadership is prepared to go to court with a retaliatory lawsuit. CEO of Blackstone Labs PJ brown (PJ Braun) assured its customers that they will vigorously defend their products. The prosecution would not include any current company products, with the exception of Euphoria-Rx, the composition of which was revised a few years ago and no longer contains Picamilon. Formulated yesterday in a press release on the website of the Ministry of Justice, the prosecution addressed the six Board members of the companies after a lengthy investigation. In December last year, Blackstone has filed a lawsuit against the Federal government demanding the return of confiscated food supplements, accusing prosecutors of abusing their power.

“The alternative is death, death business,” said brown. “We will continue to protect the company and to deal with the Federal government until I run out of money. We are quite confident in the correctness, we’re evil, but we are not afraid”.


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