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Best training program: crossfit for beginners

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What is crossfit and what are its benefits? How to engage newcomers? Is crossfit dangerous for the health? What exercises are most effective for muscle gain and weight loss. Read about it below.

Crossfit is a modern sport, consisting of cardio and strength exercises. This discipline involves a heavy load, accelerating the formation athletic. Program for crossfit beginners will help you learn how to train yourself with high efficiency.


Crossfit has a lot of stress on the body and cardiovascular system. So before you engage in the specified sport, you must prepare your body. Needs to improve stamina. The fastest way to achieve goals is regular cardio:

  • •running;
  • •skiing;
  • •the bike.

Swimming also trains your cardiovascular system and muscle endurance, but more suitable for relaxation. Cardio should be alternated with the implementation of power exercises. Physical training should be focused primarily on learning the correct technique and not on achieving maximum athletic performance.

In addition to the main muscle groups you should not forget about the small muscles-stabilizers.

If they are not to swing, performance will decrease because the number of repetitions in one set will decrease. To solve this problem, the best suited use of sports equipment.

Basic exercises

Crossfit for beginners workout program consists of these exercises:

  • Burpee. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, jump up, hands up, and then sit down. Accept the position in the rest position, and then run out of the squat. Keep repeating the steps until you get tired. The described technique helps to gain endurance.
  • Deadlifts. Exercise is a basic and are used by all professional bodybuilders. It shakes for muscle-stabilizers and the extensors of the back. Put on the floor in front of a barbell or dumbbell, lean, slightly bent legs, grasp the neck with your hands, and vibrates, and then again lower the shell to its original position. Ensure that the spine was straight.
  • Pull-UPS, sit-UPS and push-UPS. Classical exercises, which are included in the compulsory school sports training. During crossfit training can be performed both together and separately.
  • The jumping rope. One of the best cardio exercises to train your cardiovascular system, leg muscles and buttocks, and also improves coordination.
  • Jimboy swung. The exercise is performed with a barbell, but in its absence permitted the use of dumbbells. Take standing up straight, throw your shell at the chest, a little sit down, then push it on yourself, and slowly return to the original state. The technique of rocking the shoulders, triceps, calves, buttocks, thighs.
  • Strap. One of the most known exercises for training the core muscles. Take position in the support position on the hands, bent at an angle so that the elbow provide stability. Are in this state as long as possible.
  • Sit-UPS. Take supine position with straight legs and arms extended out over your head. Perform flexion and extension, trying to keep the limb touched at the time of peak voltage. With correct technique, you can effectively work through the press.
  • Mahi weights. Place your feet wider than shoulders, grasp dumbbell with both hands in a half squat, and then vibrates and lift it in front of him. Return to starting position and repeat the action. This trains the legs, buttocks, core muscles, shoulders, and back.
  • Unlike bodybuilding crossfit involves circuit training, where the athlete must alternately perform one approach each exercise with minimal rest.

    The advantages of crossfit

    Crossfit package for beginners includes heavy and light athletics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, gymnastics. These types of activities train your body, developing endurance, improving functioning of the cardiovascular system and lungs, as well as helping to set lean muscle mass. crossfit allows you faster than other sports to lose weight due to the high intensity, but represents a threat to health for untrained athletes. To avoid problems before exercise must be done 10-minute workout. Beginners can’t do more than 2 times a week. The duration of one training should not exceed 1 hour. To the body recover quickly, it is important to eat right, avoiding a grueling diets.

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