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Best time for fitness and rational diet

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Best time for fitness and rational diet

The contents

  • The best time for physical activity
  • Diet on biorhythms
  • Biorhythms and fitness classes

Throughout the day, our physical activity, metabolic rate, health and energy level change. These changes are determined by our biological rhythms that everyone has their own from birth. Having identified the peak of his health and ability to concentrate, you can determine the most favorable time for gym, when training will be and easier and more efficient.

The best time for physical activity

Surely anyone noticed that at certain times of the day thinking starts to work harder, you receive unprecedented performance, and physical activity is fun. During fitness training it is particularly important because the desire to have a guarantee that the training is long, intense, and, hence, effective. Moreover, in such a time of activity, the body responds to any load and impact is much faster and better, so it’s important to focus in their biorhythms and build a training program in accordance with them.

Each person has their own biorhythms, which was laid from birth, and underwent certain changes during life. Identify them by observations and calculations, but there are common elements, which are determined physiologically. Thus, the best time for exercise is:

  • The gap between 10 and 11 am and 5 and 7 PM.

These periods are considered the most efficient and productive for the development of new types of fitness, or intensify the already familiar exercise, but also for serious mental work. At this time, a slight increase in body temperature, which improves mobility, coordination and concentration, and it reduces the risk of injury. In this period, the brain works well, joints, nerve and muscle fibers is well-heated, which causes a large surge of energy and vigor. This time is also ideal for weight loss when the metabolism is at its peak and any other physical activity helps to burn significant amounts of calories. It is also very important to try to exercise every day at the same time — the body get used to it and will start to prepare for productive training.

  • Time after 7 PM is perfect for swimming.

If you prefer water aerobics, it is best to provide for her morning up to 11 hours. In the morning you are full of energy and strength, but the body prefers to keep it safe for further productive day, while in the evening you can get the best. That is why these early lessons should be active and charge cheerfulness, and the evening — to relax and soothe.

  • The time between 12 and 14 hours a day to spend walking in the fresh air.

This is the perfect and at the same time active leisure, during which your body can relax, and the brain is oxygenated and to restore its functionality. Often the body temperature at this time decreases, which is a signal the body needs rest, so around this period, you may want to sleep. Walking for 20 minutes will help to recapture its former activity.

Diet on biorhythms

As metabolic processes are also subject to biorhythms, it is important to adjust the diet for them. This will help to maintain optimal health of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body, avoid excessive set body weight and will allow you to maintain the energy at the proper level.

The optimal time for eating:

  • 7-10 am. Nutrition at this time can and should be rich, abundant, and include the most high-calorie foods. The fact is that in the morning at full strength works the enzyme lipase, so the fats are digested almost completely.
  • 13 hours — the time for the second meal, when is the best time to digest proteins. Lunch might consist of soup, meat or fish and a side dish of complex carbohydrates.
  • 16-17 — afternoon, when most active, it becomes the hormone insulin, lowering blood sugar levels. In this hour without significant harm for the figure to consume fast carbs.
  • After 18 hours, when it’s dinner time, it is not recommended to consume meat. It is best digested at this time, fish, vegetables and dairy products.
  • Optimal daily diet should be distributed as follows: 25% of the daily diet should consist of Breakfast and dinner 35% lunch and 15% in the afternoon.

    Biorhythms and fitness classes

    There is a General division of people into three groups according to the biorhythms:

    • “larks”, which is the most active period is the first half of the day, so the fitness training is best carried out closer to lunch;
    • “owls” are often all after 16 hours, so try to plan your schedule so that from 16 to 20 PM could be training, because the load at a later time is fraught with excitement and sleep disorders;
    • “doves”, who do not have such a clearly expressed peak of activity, they are equally workable all day. But still this type of person leans more to one of the previous two, so you should consider individual characteristics when choosing time fitness.

    Defining training is very important to follow our biorhythms, because then to do will be easier, exercise will be fun, and the results pleasantly surprising.

    “Owls” are fairly easy to adjust a workout to fit your biorhythms, “lark” on the contrary. To combine work and fitness classes in the morning can not everyone, so the best way can be the early climbs. You need to get up at 5 am, have Breakfast and allow the body to awaken, an hour and a half to train, and then go to work. First, such a regime may seem very complicated, but your biorhythms very quickly will help to enter it into a habit, and you will receive good training effect.

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