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Best Short Workout Schemes

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In order for the workouts to bring tangible benefits to the health and beauty of the body, they must be regular. For this reason, some people neglect the necessary physical activity, they say that they do not have enough time. But effective training will not necessarily be long, provided that you regularly receive physical activity and a well-designed scheme, the program of one lesson can be put in 20 minutes. These are the best programs for quick workouts.

As practice has shown, the best training regimen is 3-4 lessons per week lasting 40-60 minutes. If you conduct not three, but two classes per week, then with the same overall duration, the efficiency will drop by 25%, regularity is more important than the amount of stress. In real life conditions, not everyone will be able to devote about an hour to training, without prejudice to personal and professional interests. There is a way out – this is optimization for maximum efficiency in a minimum period of time.

Short classes will bring results, but you do not need to expect the highest efficiency from them. For example, if you lose weight, then you will not lose tens of kilograms only with the help of these express methods, but changes in body composition will be noticeable to the naked eye.

If you use a diet for weight loss, then quick workouts will not only allow you to lose weight, but to form a beautiful body shape.

Best Quick Workout Schemes

Strength and Cardio

Two or three lessons per week are enough, 15 minutes will be allocated to power loads and the same amount to cardio. The sequence in this case does not matter, do as you wish. This format is more effective than alternating half-hour cardio programs and weight training several times a week.

Fractional training

Finding an entire hour and devoting it to classes can be difficult, finding three windows of 15-20 minutes is much easier, you can even reduce the duration of each of them to just 10 minutes. This time will be enough to complete two exercises in two sets of 15 repetitions. Alternate exercises for different muscle groups, for example, in the morning – squats, in the afternoon – exercises for the back, in the evening – on the arms and shoulders.


Workout every day

Essentially the same as fractional, but the exercises last for a week. Training takes 15 minutes, but takes place every day, for a week all major muscle groups are worked out sequentially.

How to make a quick workout more effective?

Provide yourself with a slow but constant increase in loads, increase the number of repetitions, or switch to weighted exercises. Set up a training diary or install the app so you don’t forget what your last workout was and what should be the next.

To achieve high intensity while reducing time, you do not need to pause between sets and exercises. I made one approach – go straight to the next. If at the moment you are not pulling even a ten-minute workout without pauses, then pause between exercises within 30 seconds. At the same time, you should understand that the time for training due to pauses increases, it is better not to pause, but to alternate exercises for different groups. Performing an exercise on the upper body, you allow the lower to relax and vice versa. To achieve a fat-burning effect, it is recommended to combine exercises on the legs and upper body in one session.


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