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Best Bodybuilding Books

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This article will present the best books on bodybuilding, with the help of which it is quite possible to turn into a real bodybuilder. Just a couple of decades ago it was almost impossible to get good books about bodybuilding, and some copies could only be read in the library, under the watchful eye of a cultural worker. Fortunately, these times are over and now you can purchase almost any literature that is interesting. The books on fitness and bodybuilding are no exception, these are not only tips for creating a beautiful muscular body, it is also spiritual food, thanks to which you expand your knowledge in the field of fitness and bodybuilding.

Think! Steroid Free Bodybuilding

Stuart Macrobert put in the book “Think! Bodybuilding without steroids ”all their theoretical knowledge of athleticism. After all, a muscle body is not only the result of work in the gym, but also the study of theory. The publisher himself studied this topic for many years and trained in the gym. In his work, he proves that developed muscles can be achieved without the use of steroids. It details the following topics:

how to build your diet;
proper recovery after training;
training process.

This book on natural bodybuilding will be a desktop not only for experienced athletes, but also for new guys. Macrobert also tells how to overcome a training plateau. In addition to all of the above, he exposes athletic stars who are actively addicted to steroids and do not even imagine that pumping the body is possible without them. Thanks to this, the book on bodybuilding by Stuart Macrobert is in demand among ordinary guys who train in the gym and want to pump up. If you plan to do bodybuilding and are already faced with thoughts about anabolics, then you just need to read this work. It will help to save not only money, but also health.

Bodybuilding Encyclopedia

In 1985, Schwarzenegger released his bodybuilding guide, which broke sales records. Schwarzenegger was helped in creating the photographer Bill Dobins. Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding encyclopedia fully reveals the theoretical and practical issues of bodybuilding. There is a section with illustrations, which clearly shows how to pose beautifully on stage during a performance and how to practice skillfully in the gym. In addition, there are reviews of rations. After reading the newly made athlete will understand how to develop muscle and become a champion in this area. Schwarzenegger himself has repeatedly become the champion of contests and championships, one of which is Mr. Olympia.

Anatomy of strength exercises for men and women

This edition can be called a book on the anatomy of bodybuilding. Frederic Delavier's manual was a breakthrough in the sports world. A publication with vivid illustrations, it was the first in this direction. The photos show the technique of performing various exercises. In this manual, the entire database with a complete analysis of equipment is collected. From the illustrations, you can understand how certain exercises affect muscle growth. This publication is suitable for you if you decide to go in for sports and understand the basics of athleticism. It is suitable for both newly made and experienced athletes, future doctors can study the human muscular system with it. Among other things, in this recommendation you can find information on the topic of how nutrition affects bodybuilding.

Frederic Delavier combines several professions: a doctor, scientist, athlete, weightlifter and a great artist.

Bodybuilding for adults

The book “Bodybuilding for Adults” by Stanislav Mikhailovsky is a must-read for everyone who monitors their health. Stanislav Mikhailovsky will tell you how to eat varied and not gain weight, how to combine sports and hypertension, how to choose sports nutrition and what to do if the hormonal background jumps. The publisher thoroughly answers all these and other questions in his work. This bodybuilding book is for beginners.

Rational nutrition of athletes

Everyone knows that what we eat is half the success to achieve a real result in bodybuilding. Each person must understand how to eat to reduce fat mass or on a dryer, how to calculate your calorie intake for weight gain. This book is about bodybuilding and nutrition, how to combine them correctly. Author, P.I. Pshendin, tells in his work about food for athletes in different periods. The diet depends on whether the athlete is preparing for the competition or resting after them.

The manual has a lot of sections and it will be difficult to study them right away. Therefore, if you decide to start a study of a balanced diet, it is better to choose the section that is most interesting to you. After studying this work, you will be able to independently compose a diet, taking into account all the nuances. Filling will depend on what kind of sport you do and what result you want to achieve.

Bodybuilding in our opinion

This work talks about training in simple language. What workouts should be done to build muscle, and which ones to reduce body weight, how to eat, is it worth taking steroids. Everything is clearly laid out on the shelves. Dr. Lüber explains that if you follow the diet, exercise, rest and sleep, you can get great results. This does not require magic and super modern halls, only standard equipment: dumbbells, horizontal bars, bars, as well as perseverance.

man with dumbbells

Many people think that building muscle is difficult, but as Dr. Lüber argues, this is not at all the case. The main thing is to follow the regime. In his manual there are also instructions for bodybuilding for beginners. Dr. Luber, aka A.V. Kireev, is considered one of the most powerful trainers in Russia. He raised a generation of bodybuilding champions and made a significant contribution to the study of this direction.

Body building system

In a book on bodybuilding, Joe Vader shares his many years of experience, shows a huge number of training programs and gives many recommendations for amateur beginners. In Vader’s manual you can also find a detailed description of the exercises in order to prepare for bodybuilding competitions.

When you finish reading the book, the impression is that the author collected everything at once in it. It will be quite difficult to recover from his classes, since the entire training process is built on multi-repetition, on numerous approaches of various exercises, and all this diversity is collected in one training day. Beginners are advised to filter the knowledge gained from this publication. You need to highlight your favorite exercises and follow the recommendations of the author, but to the best of your ability.

Anabolic Revue

We all know that in order to become a mountain of muscles, it is necessary to plow in the gym, carry iron and eat healthy food. But often this is simply not enough, especially if you want to compete in athletic competitions. Therefore, athletes have to resort to the use of certain pharmacological preparations. In his recommendations, Yuri Bombela tells what drugs can be taken, in what dosage, why use them, how they will affect the body. He will teach you to approach this matter wisely and conquer the world of bodybuilding. The author answers in detail questions related to anabolics and steroids.

man with dumbbells

After reading this publication, you may get the feeling that it is impossible to achieve volume and relief without chemistry. But it is about those competitions where it’s not easy to become a champion without it. Active exercises in the gym are not always able to give such an effect and muscle volume as anabolic injections. But not everyone needs access to competitions at this level and such muscle volumes.

Explosive philosophy

In this work you will find detailed instructions for using the male body. And it’s not important whether you are a beginner who does not know what lunges are, or an experienced weightlifter. Vladimir Turchinsky will teach you how to lose weight properly, how to develop muscle and how to gain body weight. For him there is no concept impossible, he will tell you how to. If you do not have time, energy and money, but have a desire, you can achieve everything. That is exactly what Vladimir Turchinsky thought. Naturally, the recommendations need not only to be read, but also to apply the acquired knowledge.

Super training

This work is considered a masterpiece in the literary field of bodybuilding. The writer was recognized as a genius after he managed to combine philosophy and bodybuilding. In the work of Mentzer, you can find answers to questions about sports and nutrition, why we train, why we live in this world, and other philosophical questions.

In the life of every person, a difficult period can come when everything bothers and motivation disappears. At such moments, it’s difficult to keep the desire to train, you don’t understand why you need it and whether you need it at all. It is precisely at such moments that the bodybuilding publication Supertraining comes to the rescue. The author himself has repeatedly participated in various championships and competitions, and in 1979 he took second place in the competition “Mr. Olympia” and received a silver medal.

male bodybuilder

Anatomy of Fitness and Strength Exercise for Women

Here, a clear plan is written on how to put your body in order. Mark Vella put in his work all the most valuable: plans for meals, sports at home and in the hall, a sea of ​​motivation and positive. This is one of the best bodybuilding books for women.

Scientists have proven that training for women should be different from those for men. The training process is built taking into account all the features of the female body. In this manual you can find and choose for yourself the most suitable training program. More than ninety exercises with a complete analysis of the technique are presented. In addition, you can take a test in order to understand what your level of training is. This will help to properly build training. With such recommendations, it is not at all difficult to bring your figure to perfect condition. That is why this edition is among the best bodybuilding books.

This is the top bodybuilding books, the work presented here will be useful for both beginners and those who have already achieved some success in this area. These bodybuilding books have been recognized by trainers and professional bodybuilders as the best for learning about proper nutrition, training, weight gain, and weight loss. If you not only read the recommendations, but also apply them in practice, then you will certainly succeed in transforming your body.


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