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Bench press — record Sarycheva

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Absolute champion in bench press without equipment, Kirill Sarychev started his career, like many athletes. Having a remarkable physique and make an effort in the right direction, he has ensured that we are now seeing.

Almost two-meter (an increase of Cyril 197 cm) Russian athlete performs the bench press Sarychev without equipment weighing more than 320 kg.

History record

The future world champion was born in the small Russian town of Pugachev and from childhood was interested in sports. Amateur classes at a regular gym he has outgrown, and youthful ambition led to the fact that the sport came in first place.

The first coach managed to bring in a promising young athlete commitment, laying a solid Foundation in his sports upbringing. Cyril shows tremendous results on strength training. In 2009, his notice organizers of “Battle of Champions”. And in 2010, he is already involved in the fight for first place and wins his first major victory.

Becoming the champion at 21, Sarychev does not stop there and engaged in a unique exercise program that allows you to perform all the bench press large weights.

Record Cyril is known worldwide.

Currently, the champion nobody walked, but he became an example and a standard for many athletes.

Of course, Sarychev excellent anthropometric data. With height 197 cm, it has a weight of 160 cm, and the size of his biceps 60 cm in girth.

Tips on bench from Kirill Sarychev

But none of this would have happened without diligent training, will to win and determination. Kirill Sarychev gives aspiring athletes a few tips.

To cross the threshold scales at 100 kg, you must follow a few rules:

  • The most important thing is to find a good coach, failing to give the athlete the necessary technical base.
  • Selecting a proven scheme training’s “5 in 5”. The choice of weights for training must be suitable for 5 sets of 5 climbs. Without fanaticism, anguish and overtime.
  • The frequency of the classes required, but no overtime. Three times a week is the optimal amount of training. Note that only one of them should be heavy. The duration of each workout 4-5 hours. The distribution of loads, the sequence of study of separate groups of muscles is determined by the coach.
  • After Kirill Sarychev bench press will do, it necessarily performs a so-called “farewell hall” —at least 50 pull-UPS in different techniques, divided into several approaches.
  • Do not overload yourself either physically grueling daily workout will only undermine your health. It is possible and a negative effect on the nervous system.
  • Get yourself a training diary.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours. Lack of sleep allows you to accumulate fatigue and it leads to stress. They also have to be able to fight, escape and switch.

On the implementation of technology press, Kirill Sarychev, too, has advice for athletes who want to achieve significant results:

  • During the execution of the bench press, pay attention to the blades. The load should be evenly distributed throughout the body. It is not necessary to do bench press, using only your strong muscles. Pull all the groups.
  • Feet while performing a bench press on the advice of Kirill Sarychev got a good rest on the floor, according to the principle of the spring.

Despite worldwide fame, the athlete makes no secret of the technique of “Kirill Sarychev bench press” and with great pleasure takes part in various training programs for beginners. He inspires them. Shares the secrets of how to constantly add power, how to relax and count the time between campaigns to effectively carry out their program even with the fatigue.

By the way, training on a proven scheme, Cyril was able to take the weight of 390 kg in the competition and 400 kg in training in the hall. This is not the limit. Athlete constantly trains, showing an example of the power of perseverance and the will to win.

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