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Bench press in the simulator hammer: technique exercises for chest muscles

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Bench press in the simulator hammer: technique exercises for chest muscles

The contents

  • Bench in the Hummer is an effective exercise for chest muscles
  • Overview of the working muscles
  • Technique exercises
  • Important features of physical activity

For the harmonious development and build a nice beefy body men definitely need to pay attention to training the chest muscles. In addition to the classic bench-press is good to load these muscles, you can do the exercises in the simulator hammer.

Bench in the Hummer is an effective exercise for chest muscles

Hammer is a progressive trainer, in which you can provide an isolated exercise on the pectoralis muscle, with a little utilizing the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Similar in its effect to the exercise can be performed lying down on a gym bench with a barbell or dumbbells, but the Hummer has some differences and significant advantages:

  • due to the design of the simulator load have had the same, so the chest is pumped evenly on both sides;
  • you can perform the motion using only one hand, which is important in the case when one of chest muscles is lagging behind in development;
  • the amplitude and trajectory of movement in the simulator remains unchanged, which gives the ability to control movement and more effective to work the muscles;
  • work in hammer implies the adoption of certain postures, and fixing it on all the time exercise — it simplifies the movement and eliminates the need to keep balance;
  • when practicing on the simulator is virtually unaffected muscles-stabilizers, while the physical exercise focuses on the chest muscles, which helps in the speedy achievement of the goal.

As weights when training in the Hummer uses the same pancakes, as in the bench press bar. Hang them on a special pen and, taking its original position, raise with a lever.

Overview of the working muscles

All presses performed in the supine position or on a flat bench, are exercises for the muscles of the chest. When training on the simulator to hammer the main load is also concentrated on large pectoral muscles, but in addition to them in the exercise attended by other:

  • the front beam deltas — it is under the clavicle and is involved in the work at the beginning of the bench press along with the pectoralis major muscle;
  • the inner part of the triceps begins to tighten in the middle of the process;
  • the outer part of the triceps is activated at the time of maximum lifting of hands.

It is important to note that this item only work these muscles, so for the full development of the anterior part of the body need to perform other exercises for chest muscles, including the base.

Involved in the classroom on a Hummer also and arm joints: shoulder and elbow, but due to the fact that the trainer is securely fixes the position of the body and determines the trajectory, damaging them is difficult. However, the joints turns out to be a big load and in the wrong position there is a risk of injury, so to perform the bench press in the simulator hammer first of all, learn correct technique, and then proceed to increase the working weight.

Technique exercises

Learn the technique of this exercise for chest muscles by and large comes down to familiarity with the design of the simulator and making the right poses to work on it. Sharp and irregular motion during a bench press entails discomfort and pain, in this case, you must immediately correct inaccuracies in the performance of the item. Initially, it is best to start classes in hammer under the guidance of coach that will show you in what order and what actions need to be implemented.

Recommendations for the implementation of the bench in hammer:

  • first adjust the seat of the simulator so that its arm was at the level of press;
  • sit tight and slide the buttocks to the back of the seat, put your arm around her, leaving no space between your back and the seat. This is necessary in order to eliminate the deflection in the lower back, because otherwise involves the back muscles, and physical stress on the chest is reduced;
  • take the arms straight closed grip, take a deep breath and on the exhale, slowly squeeze the shell, the arms unbend do not completely;
  • then slowly lower arms to starting position — do this to breath and control his every movement.

Important features of physical activity

As with any fitness of the item for the correct execution of the bench in hammer you must consider several subtleties:

  • to perform the exercise after a short warm-up, but since it has a lot of stress on the body and depletes the nervous system, it is recommended to do at the conclusion of the training. So all the previous exercises and will be good to him,
  • during the bench press can not bring the shoulders forward, the back needs to rest in the back seat and clearly define it in this position, otherwise, the effect of exercise greatly reduced, and the risk of injury will increase;
  • to ensure stable fixation of the whole body, leaving only his hands moving, you need to stretch the feet into the floor, which will also contribute to a greater ease of movements;
  • when performing the bench press it is important to dilute the elbows to the sides, increasing the load on the muscles of the chest and reduce the work of the triceps. When pressing the elbows to the torso, the triceps are involved to a greater extent, and the effectiveness of the exercise decreases;
  • not it should be possible to straighten the elbow joints when lifting levers of the simulator, because in this case, the hands begin to work to a greater extent than the chest. Therefore, at the highest point of the press leave them slightly bent so your chest muscle will not relax, which will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of exercise;
  • if you are a beginner in fitness, then start to approach the bench very carefully, practise the technique without additional weights, using only the weight of the machine;
  • correct and controlled breathing plays an important role in pumping the chest muscles, so try to breathe deeply and slowly, saturating tissues with oxygen and stretching the muscles. It is several times increases the effectiveness of any exercise. Remember that in the moment of relaxation you need to take a breath and at the maximum voltage out.

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