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Bench press: features and technique

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Trim figure is the result of hard and regular work on his body. In bodybuilding there are a few basic exercises aimed at the elaboration of muscles of the chest. In this article we will focus on the “breast” and “wearing this Elevator operator’s” press of a bar lying. How to do it, what to pay attention?

Types of presses and their differences

There are many exercises to train the chest muscles using a barbell. The most common include “breast” and “wearing this Elevator operator” presses. From each other, they differ in that:

  • When “breast” athlete only works chest and “wearing this Elevator operator’s” bench implies the involvement of a greater number of muscles.
  • “Chest” bench suitable the professionals, because designed for small and medium weight 7-9 reps. “Wearing this Elevator operator” involves a weight limit and the number of repetitions is minimized (1-3 times).

Proper breathing

The effectiveness of any exercise depends on breathing. One should not unnecessarily focus on it and especially to artificially boost. When you bench press you stick to these five rules:

  • Before you spend training a thorough warm-up, adjusting the breath.
  • Do not stock up the air.
  • Deep breath in when lowering the bar.
  • Hold your breath in the middle of the amplitude of motion of the projectile.
  • A strong sharp exhalation after a press on the “dead” point.
  • Important: do not exhale in the moment when the projectile is as close to the chest, or the shoulders go forward and upset the balance of the body.
    Technique exercises

    • The athlete lies on bench, feet firmly pressed to the floor, feet shoulder width apart.
    • The blades is reduced, thighs and buttocks tense, the pelvis pressed against the bench.
    • The loin is arched, the chest is slightly put forward.
    • The athlete selects a wide grip, but takes up the fretboard. Brings the rod to the line of the lower edge of the breast.
    • When the projectile barely touches the chest, picks it up.
    • For a few seconds fixes the rod at the top.
    • Returns the shell in place.

    In powerlifting bodybuilders who took for himself the greatest weight, set world records. Because of this technique of exercise is slightly different from the classic, contains some of the techniques with which it is possible to raise the maximum weight. To connect the work different groups of muscles and range of motion when lifting is reduced. The post take the wide grip, lift 1 time on a vertical path up.

    Recommendations athletes

    • When working with large or medium weights in the supine position the back need to bend at the waist. To quickly get habituated to it, at first, use soft cushion.
    • Right down on the bench. The eyes should be under the fretboard, or the fretboard will hook rack when you bench press, or it will be awkward to remove/install.
    • Don’t push alone if the shop is not equipped with a safety stands.
    • Take your hands from the neck only when the rod is securely fixed to the uprights. Believe me, to see how the shell breaks and falls to the bodybuilder, the lamentable spectacle.
    • Look is directed straight on the neck, head to twist impossible.
    • If the weight with which you work, exceeds the mass of his own body at least 70%, use a wrist bandage. One-time training session without bandages can pass without consequences, but with regular execution of bench pain in the hands will not keep you waiting.
    • Don’t think that the belt will save you from back injuries. When performing the bench press it absolutely does not protect, and is only fashionable sports accessory.
    • Keep under control the process of lowering the rod. Don’t leave the shell on his chest! Wrong actions traumatic.

    How to increase the effectiveness of the exercise?

    • Squeeze the neck closed grip.
    • Before beginning the exercises do not waste energy retention of the projectile at the weight, immediately begin to press.
    • Do not chase large weights, the main appliances.
    • The chalk helps to improve grip barbell with palms.


    The world record for bench press in the gear set Ryan Kennely, podmarkovoy record for bench press in the gear set Ryan Kennely to raise the weight in 486 kg, without equipment world record set by Kiril Sarychev in 2015 , which was subjected to a 335-pound barbell. There is a world record among children. It was established 11-year-old Maryana Naumova, she managed a bench press to lift weights of 60 kg..

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