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Bench press: all possible grips

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The bench press is one of the best basic exercises for muscle gain. But how to achieve maximum results in a short time? In this article we will discuss a variety of grip positions of the neck and their influence on the load of the chest muscles.

Types of grips, their technique

There are several varieties performing a bench press on an exercise bench. The classic view is considered to be the bench press medium grip. In order to add variety to the training process and firing to load different segments of the pectoral muscles including or isolating the deltoids, the triceps and press, you can change the width setting of the hands. Consider the bench press and all the grip in this exercise.

  • The bench press barbell wide grip not frequently used in practice. An alternative to this exercise is the incline press, the bench. Performing sets using a wide grip, purposefully loaded outer sections of the upper part of the chest muscles. In this exercise, suffer shoulders, they account for an enormous burden, so do the approaches carefully. Slightly prognuv back and keeping full range of motion you fairly accurately work out the chest and triceps, removing the load from the front beam deltas.
  • Barbell bench press medium grip is considered a classic. Index fingers lock in the area of the labels which are printed on the fretboard. Follow the correct position of the elbows during the movement of the rod in a selected plane. Keeping the angle between the elbow and the body at 45 degrees, you will achieve the correct amplitude of movement. This will allow you to evenly develop all the muscles of the thoracic and triceps. Most athletes prefer hand medium grip, as it is the most comfortable and safe.
  • For those who want to work triceps, deltas and the inner part of the chest is recommended to use the technique of setting the hands to a narrow grip. The palm of your hand with this bench is located at a distance of 10-20 centimeters from each other. When driving keep the elbows closer to the body. The maximum strain of the hand and concentrate on the shell.
  • Performing a bench press width grip should be changed in accordance with the training plan.

    To achieve good results and to strengthen the chest muscles, it is recommended to start a cycle of training with the traditional medium grip.

    Gradually, from lesson to lesson, increase the distance between your hands. Even a small extension, 1 cm on each side, will give the redistribution of the load, bringing it to other muscle fibers. If you have recently started training in the gym, ask a trainer or competent colleagues to follow the technique of the exercise. It is better to learn how to do a bench press correctly, than then to be retrained.

    Choosing a wide grip when bench press on the bench, must proceed from the goals. If you train for myself, visiting the gym two or three times a week, you should not bother on how to put the grip hand. Serious athletes who wish to compete, can not do without the various techniques in the bench press.

    If you dream of a beautiful triceps, perform the exercise using a narrow or wide grip. For elaboration of all the muscles of the chest and heavy weight, choose a hand wide grip. To send a load of mid and top will help you exercise performed a reverse grip.

    Other varieties

    There are varieties of grips on the position of the brushes. Press straight grip is considered traditional. Grif take in hand, trying to clasp his hands so that they were directed by himself. Wrist try to keep a smooth, not vegimite them.

    Bench press reverse grip is not a classic, but it should do for diversity training programs. Hands grasp the barbell so that your palms were directed toward individuals. Using this grip, you shift the load on the upper part of the chest muscles and enables the front of the Delta. To achieve good results, you need to position the forearms perpendicular to the floor, and elbows, during movement, needs to slide along the body. Perform the exercise carefully to avoid injury of the shoulder joint, as they account for a huge burden.

    Grif can keep using the open and closed grip. Usually athletes use a closed grip, as it is comfortable and safe. Grif, take your hands, clasping his fingers to make a ring that will allow firmly to hold the post. Athletes wishing to support more weight, use the outdoor grip. For this exercise it is recommended to use a thick neck. Rod clamping fingers with one hand, placing it on his palm. This will remove the load from the shoulder and elbow joints. The disadvantage of this grip is the lack of fixation of the neck in the hands, which can lead to his downfall and, consequently, to injury. Athletes with insufficient experience, it is not recommended to use this technique.

    To create beautiful and textured torso need a lot of time to spend in the gym and work hard. The bench press gives excellent results but it all depends on what grip you are doing it. Do not think that performing the exercise using only standard hand positioning, you can achieve significant results. Working out in the gym, try to vary your exercise routine.

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