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Belt for training: how to choose and why you need it when you exercise

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Belt for training: how to choose and why you need it when you exercise

The contents

  • Types of belts for strength fitness training
  • Use the belt while exercising
  • Recommendations for exercises with athletic zone

Strength training with heavy sports equipment (such as a barbell or dumbbells) require special security measures. Experienced athletes and trainers recommend the use of special funds for the protection of joints, ligaments and spine during strength training. It is on the spine bear the load during the exercise. To prevent damage during a military fitness training, athletes use special protective zone. Athletic belt are a must have item of sports equipment for those who seriously involved in weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding. The principle of operation is very simple and at the same time effective. A belt worn on the body in the waist area and secured with straps or carabiners. During a military fitness training it fixes stomach and supports the spine in a straight condition. This reduces the load on the lower back and spine. And the tension of the abdominal muscles helps to lift a lot of weight.

Types of belts for strength fitness training

Athletic belt vary in their purpose, form and materials from which they are made. For the purpose they are divided into two types: for weightlifting and powerlifting.

Belt for weightlifting is usually made from thick leather or artificial materials. They fastened the straps and have the extended back for maximum protection of the spine. Depending on which physical exercises are performed on exercise, use one of three types of weightlifting belts:

  • Classic belt. Made of thick leather with wide Central portion to secure the lower back and spine. Suitable for doing power fitness exercise on a flat bench. Is the most universal and common among bodybuilders and athletes belt.
  • Belt made of artificial materials (cotton). This belt is lighter, better-fitting shape and does not interfere with moving power fitness training session. Another advantage of this belt is its durability. As the drawback is the weak protection of the spine in the lumbar region. This belt is used in training with small weights.
  • Wide weight lifting belt. Made from thick leather, the middle part is expanded to 15 cm to increase the area of fixation of the back. As can be noted the lack of weak fixation in the lumbar region when doing exercises at an angle.

Zone for studies weightlifting has a greater thickness and solidity. Its width is the same along the entire length (10 cm). Worn on the waist and tightly fixed to the carabiner in the lower part of the abdomen. The zone is designed to create tension of the abdominal muscles when lifting weights.

Use the belt while exercising

The purpose of the athletic belt is the execution of two basic functions:

  • Protection of the spine from overload when lifting the shells with more weight.

Belt supports the lower back as an additional corset, and prevents the bending and displacement of the vertebrae. Also created additional protection of the muscles of the lumbar region.

Assistance when lifting heavy sports equipment:

  • The abdominal muscles are always tense and involved in the military exercises. This allows you to lift more weight.
  • The spine becomes more stable when performing any strength exercises.
  • The spine receives an additional point of support, which reduces the overall load on it when lifting weights.
  • Muscles and ligaments of the lumbar region and kept warmed up and ready to load condition.
  • To use a belt properly, namely, only during execution of physical exercises with weights. If you constantly wear a belt in training, a natural muscle corset of the spine may weaken and lose their strength and elasticity. But we should not abruptly abandon the use of belt power fitness training. This will greatly increase the probability of injury, because the spinal muscles may be weakened.

    Natural muscle zone of the spine is group of muscles that support and move the spine and pelvic bones. This muscle is responsible for human gait and good posture. The correct development of the dorsal muscles, they create a natural muscular corset, protecting your spine during exercise. Therefore, you should devote time to the muscles of the back in training, and to use a weight lifting belt, performing a power exercise with big weights.

    Recommendations for exercises with athletic zone

    Wearing the belt for weightlifting or powerlifting has its positive and negative points that have been discussed above. This should be considered.

    The use of the athletic zone is recommended to limit the time. In addition to the weakening of the spinal muscles, this leads to malfunction of the muscles of the abdomen. Experienced athletes notice that when lifting weights without a belt abdominal muscles maximum tense and drawn. If wearing a belt, the abdominal muscles tense up and increase, like bulging out.

    Use a belt to perform a specific power of exercising that can cause injury to the spine. After performing the exercise with more weight belt must be removed. This will allow to reduce the duration of wearing the belt and minimize its harmful effect on muscles. The spine will be protected.

    In order for your power fitness training has brought the expected result and has led to the weakening of the musculature or injury, you should follow some simple rules.

    • You should not wear a weight lifting belt all the time. Remove it after the exercise.
    • Remove the belt during rest between sets.
    • Use it only for max weight.

    Weight lifting belt must be used if your power complex includes the following exercises:

    • Deadlifts.
    • Squats with a barbell.
    • Oblique traction.
    • Presses the bar sitting or standing.

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