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Belly, go away! 8 ways to get rid of visceral fat

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Cycling, swimming. Studies have shown that running 20 miles a week effective weight training three times a week.

2. Strength training

However, to dispense with the exercise of power is difficult, because they help to disperse the metabolism. 20 minutes of circuit training burns up to 200 calories, the metabolism is accelerated for hours that allows you to remove another 50. In addition, fat is replaced by muscle, which is very useful.

3. Walk

If an hour a day to train and 10 to sit on a chair, greater the result will be. At least half an hour, but take a walk down the street, get some air… and get from another part of body fat.

4. Eat more protein

It helps the muscles to grow and body to feel better. Proteins are burned slower than carbs, which means you won’t want to eat. If the chicken, eggs and yogurt you do not climb, drink protein shakes.

5. Choose healthy fats

Nuts, seeds, avocado, fatty fish, olive oil that is consumed as frequently as possible, but in reasonable quantities.

6. Less worry

Stress affects all processes in the body. Cortisol, which is produced in the result, helps fat increase. Try to relax more often about anything not to think, to read books, to lie in the bath.

7. More sleep

Permanent sleep 5 hours a day or less contributes to the buildup of abdominal fat and disrupts the normal synthesis of hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety.

8. Eat at home

Those who cook five times a week, 28% less likely to have an increased BMI and 24% are less inclined to store fat.

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