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Beer and bodybuilding

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Beer is very popular among the strong half of mankind. Beer I like and some athletes, although almost all know that alcohol is not harmless for health and for athletes especially. And yet the majority of bodybuilders practice drinking a beer, especially on Sundays. How bad it is, and maybe it’s good – you should understand this issue.

The contents

  • Beer and sports
  • Effects from the intake of beer in bodybuilding
  • Non-alcoholic beer in bodybuilding
  • Dependence on beer

Beer and sports

As the beer refers to an alcoholic beverage, that its use negatively affects the outcome of sports training. For bodybuilders is that it may reduce the speed of recruitment of muscle mass, decreased muscle performance, as well as the slow process of recovery. Based on the studies conducted by researchers, we can safely say that:

  • welcome beer when felt a slight alcoholic intoxication, is tantamount to skipping a single workout;
  • in the case of obvious intoxication should be expected to reduce the power of the data, and the recovery process can last a few weeks;
  • if the beer is consumed on a regular basis, at least every other day, it leads to stagnation and decline in growth of muscle tissue by 100 %.

Effects from the intake of beer in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding as in any other sport, the consumption of beer leads to the appearance of negative effects, for example:

  • reduces the level of testosterone and this leads to a slowdown in the growth of muscles, as any alcohol and beer, in particular, stimulates the secretion of catabolic hormones;
  • reduced the level of potency, as decreases in testosterone and increases the level of cortisol;
  • increases the level of estrogen, as in beer contains female hormones, and this leads to the deposition of excess fat, reduced potency, increased fatigue, slow down the growth of muscles, reduction of the power data, the appearance of gynecomastia and other problems;
  • delayed excess fat because of high caloric content of beer;
  • interferes with the normal sleep mode and the recovery process;
  • deteriorating sperm quality.

From the foregoing it must be concluded that the beer in bodybuilding is having a negative impact on the training process. As for positive qualities, they simply do not.

Non-alcoholic beer in bodybuilding

Naturally, the consumption of beer, especially soft, reduces the harmful influence on the organism of athletes, but not completely, because the high calorie and high content of estrogen remains.

In this regard, it can be argued that non-alcoholic beer has a negative effect on the body, due to the deposition of adipose tissue.

There is another factor that has a significant impact is the quality of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer. This is especially true of the domestic manufacturer, as sometimes the price of beer is quite questionable, which indicates their low quality. With regard to European countries, the situation is somewhat better and food is monitored. Despite this, even high-quality beer is not recommended for athletes if they wish to achieve high results in sports.

Dependence on beer

One should not overlook the fact that alcohol has a narcotic effect on the human body. The dependence of the beer – this is not a fictional myth of fighters for a healthy lifestyle, and it’s scientifically proven phenomenon. So do not forget not only about the negative effects, and that excessive beer leads to a dependence on this drink. This dependence is difficult to trace, since the retraction is gradual and almost negligible for the athlete. First drunk a Cup in a month, followed by a pint a week and, finally, the athlete begins to practice almost daily consumption of beer.

Knowing the results, we can safely say that the consumption of beer, including nonalcoholic, deprives the athlete of any chance for high sport results. Unfortunately, this problem is a much broader concept, because alcohol not only affects performance, but also on normal family life has a negative impact on the financial position. Therefore, not only on weekends but also during holidays, better to give preference to the juices or compotes.

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