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Been Alina Yaman absolute champion in Nordic Cup 2018

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Ukrainian athlete from Poltava Alina Yaman (Yaman Ibrahim) was on the Finnish stage of the tournament Nordic Cup 2018 from the Federation IFBB Int absolute winner in the category Body fitness. Alina first beat all five opponents in a growth group to 168 cm, and then an absolute comparison was the best among other winners Marte Lian from Norway and Finland Henriikka Kemppinen. Thanks to their outstanding victory, Yaman now leads the ranking of the Federation and added 7 points to it.

1. Henriikka Kemppinen, Finland
2. Soraya Alvarez, Spain
3. Marianne Kankaisto, Finland
4. Melanie Niebergall, Germany
5. Henriette Alfstadsaeter, Norway
6. Helena Huikkala, Finland

RESULTS / BF -168cm
1. Alina Yaman, Ukraine
2. Pepita Ravantti, Finland
3. Nelli Heikkilä, Finland
4. Stanislava Volekova, Slovakia
5. Melissa Geimer, Germany
6. Daniela Ehrschwedtner, Austria

1. Marte Lian, Norway
2. Virginija Kaminska, Lithuania
3. Daria Ivanova, Russia
4. Anna-Sofia Pekkarinen
5. Kari Solleid, Norway
6. Chantal Graziani, Malta

Body fitness over all champion
Alina Yaman, Ukraine

Alina herself wrote their feelings on Instagram:

Absolutely happy ! Koments know. Catch a buzz. Thank you all. The biggest thanks to @iryna_delieva_ifbb @igordeliev your speech on Europe did not leave me indifferent ! Listened to it and not a bit sorry. My only regret is that have not done this before. Finland thank you for your hospitality !

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