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Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Beauty starts from the inside

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what should be done to those who care about beauty and health — to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. This is especially important for those who because of high load does not always adhere to proper nutrition, smokes, a lot nervous, or often notices of indigestion.

You should take the examination and those who are going to lose weight. First, gut microflora largely depends on the metabolism. That is, if you put in order the digestion, excess weight can go away by itself. Second, if there are health restrictions, they are definitely worth it to learn how to change their diet.

In the clinical diagnostic center MEDSI, you can select a convenient version of the survey.

In the program “Healthy gut” in the center on Belorusskaya

includes several positions — consulting gastroenterologist and proctologist, laboratory diagnosis and fibrocolonoscopy (it can be done without pain, in a state of “sleep medication”). This is a comprehensive screening examination, which allows to assess the condition of the bowel and to identify risks of gastrointestinal diseases and colorectal cancer. The program now operates a discount — you can purchase it for 15,000 $ instead of 19 570.

Gastroenterology rapid survey is recommended to go with the discomfort and pain in the stomach, bitterness in the mouth, heartburn and the feeling of heaviness after eating. Consultation of the gastroenterologist and abdominal ultrasound takes very little time, but will allow the physician time to prescribe treatment. The program is available in the center at Belorusskaya.


This is one of the most informative studies of the gastrointestinal tract, which allows the doctor to consider in detail the inner surface and to make an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, many patients are hesitant on colonoscopy because they are afraid of discomfort during the examination. Really do not worry. In modern clinics colonoscopy is performed under sedation (intravenous anesthesia, effects of anesthesia). Unlike General anesthesia, while sedation sleep surface, but it’s enough to not feel discomfort. You Wake up in 2-7 minutes after the test, and after half an hour you can go home.

2. Check metabolism

Few people know that the symptoms of metabolic disorders is not only weight, but also heart pain, seizures, palpitations, headache, fatigue, and even high blood pressure. But for those who for a long time without much success trying to lose weight, check out the metabolism must.

The program Metabolic syndrome can be passed in the clinical diagnostic center MEDSI at Belorusskaya.

The program includes consultation with an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist, a cardiologist and a range of clinical studies. All this will allow to assess the condition of the body and to eliminate the so-called metabolic syndrome — a complex of disorders that are manifested externally in the form of fat deposits in the waist area and can eventually lead to cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes of the second type.

3. Take care of the beauty of the feet

The veins and blood vessels in the legs — a dubious decoration for girls. Meanwhile, there are modern minimally invasive techniques that make it easy to rectify the defects.

During compression or foam sclerotherapy through a tiny puncture in the vein injected a special solution that is almost instantly glues the walls of the affected vessels. Vienna “off” from the bloodstream and gradually disappears, and the skin leaves no aesthetic defects.

In more complicated cases, the doctor may prescribe a phlebectomy, during which minimal interference is removed dilated veins.

Consult flebologia and sign up for treatments at the hospital on Pyatnitskoe highway and Krasnaya Presnya.

4. Restore reserves

Unbalanced diet, stress, overwork, life in the city — it all takes its toll for the body. One of the best ways of purification and renewal is fasting. But note: it can take place only under medical supervision. After all, you can’t just stop eating — this approach will do more harm than good. In the resort MEDSI Otradnoye is a whole branch of dietotherapy. Here, an experienced doctor can choose diet for preparatory and recovery period and to determine the optimal duration of the course.

5. And now — beauty!

You know that beauty treatments should not enroll in an unnamed centre in a neighbouring house, and tested in medical centers? Only if the procedure is performed by an experienced doctor, you can count on the desired effect. And if you think that the nameless saloon will be cheaper, just say: it’s not! To save money, it is much wiser to use the stock in good clinics.

So, in the center of the GROUP in Krasnaya Presnya valid action Happy hours in cosmetology.

Thread lifting, laser and cosmetology equipment and many other procedures will cost you 20% cheaper in the first half of the day — from 8.00 to 14.00.

But if you are going on vacation in the velvet season, and I want to spare yourself from unnecessary worries, are recorded on permanent make — up and also discounted!

But if there is no time?

The latest technology, MTS teamed up with the experts of the GROUP, to make medicine more affordable. Especially for those who postpones consultation with a doctor due to lack of time created by SMART-MED — online-the continuation of a Federal network of clinics MEDSI. Online consultations are only practicing qualified doctors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.

You can sign up for scheduled online appointment, to get emergency medical assistance or to share with the doctor documents and test results. You don’t have to spend time on the road, and the quality of treatment ensures MEDSI.

Give your loved ones health care!

On kecapi, beauty treatments and consultations with various specialists in the network of clinics MEDSI you can not only register itself. All that you can give to those you care about. With a gift card MEDSI someone you love, will be available to all modern medical services.

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