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Beautiful and slim legs is not difficult

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Many girls dream of slender legs. Most sit on diets, but not enough. Let’s look at how to make your legs beautiful and slim at home or in the gym.

To achieve a positive result, it is not enough just to diet. It is necessary to carry out the exercises, any activity to start with ten-minute warm-up. This can be running, Biking or jump rope.

Exercises that will help to make your feet perfect:

  • Squat with max load will help to work out quadriceps and buttocks. You need to stand up straight. To focus on one leg, and the second to lift. Stretch the hands forward. Then perform squats. Support leg bends and the other remains straight. You need to strike a balance. Movements are made smoothly. If you can’t keep the balance, you can rely on the rack or ask for help from a friend. Do 2 sets of 8 repetitions on each leg. To loosen up, to shake legs between sets.
  • Attacks. During the implementation involved a two-headed thigh muscle. You need to stand up straight. Feet are shoulder width apart. The hands – along the body. It is very important that between the femur and tibia was 90 degree angle. After running back to the starting position and change leg. To do 12 reps on each side.
  • The buildup is ideal for owners of skinny legs. It is often used by athletes to prepare for competitions. The legs become as widely as possible. Hands are bent, and the brush close to the castle. Deviates to the right, bending the proper leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Another left straight. Pelvis try to take maximum ago and delayed by time seconds. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the other leg. To do 15 per side.
  • Squats will help you work out the main muscles of the legs. The lower limbs are put on width apart, with the toes turning toes out to the sides. Hands bend to the body. You must then begin to squat. The back should be smooth. Squats are not carried out until the end. Otherwise, considering the buttocks and back. You need to get to the level where the upper and lower part of the limbs will make a 90 degree angle. At the end point linger for a few seconds. Perform this exercise 12 times.

  • Reverse plank. When it is executed, a core group of muscles, so exercise is very effective. You need to lie on the floor. Legs are on a special gym ball. At home instead, you can use any piece of furniture. In order not to be damaged, the back of the chair is against the wall. Hands at his sides. The body is lifted. Turns bend legs, making 15 times each.
  • You need to lie on your back. Hand in hand. One leg is bent and is used as a reference. Other direct and raised. The pelvis off the floor and pushed upwards. The chest, stomach are on the same line. Linger for a couple seconds and strain the buttocks. Then changing the return leg. Exercise helps to work the muscles in the hip, buttocks and calves. Do two sets of 15 reps.

Training is preferably carried out 2 times a week. Between classes do the rest for 3 days. During a break, perform other procedures that help to achieve the slimness of the legs. It is about them we’ll talk further.

Cosmetic procedures for the feet and nutrition

Through training the body will become tight and the muscles strong. However, many wonder: how else can you make your legs slim?

To enhance the effect, use special cosmetic procedures. Such methods may be applied independently. They are perfectly smooth and tone the skin.

Cosmetic procedures:

  • Massage. Helps to activate blood circulation, helps to get rid of cellulite. The skin becomes elastic and taut. For the procedure of the house required: silicone cupping and massage oil. To find these components is possible in any drugstore. You will also need ten drops of essential orange extract. One limb is given 10 minutes.
  • Recipe for thin legs the following – mix 2 tablespoons of essential oil with heated vegetable. Then evenly distribute to the limbs, capturing the gluteal and thigh muscles. Begin to use banks.
  • Wraps. You will need water, 50g of clay, 15ml sunflower oil and citrus extract. Stick to the recipe. Clay diluted with warm liquid until the state of sour cream. Then add the oil. Mix well and apply on the surface of the buttocks, hips and knees. Then wrap with foil and wait an hour. The mask is washed away with warm water. Then apply the anti-cellulite cream. This method is used three times a week.

Massages and wraps do in 1 day. Thus increase the efficiency.

To achieve the desired result it is important to eat right. Women often suffer from fat deposits in the legs, buttocks and thighs. To prevent problems it is recommended to remove from the diet of fatty and carbohydrate food.

It is better to choose more healthy food – fresh vegetables or steamed. It is also worth increasing the amount of protein: fish, legumes, milk. On the day, you must drink up to 3 liters of still water. This will help to maintain water balance in the body. If you do not drink enough water a person feels fatigue, lethargy, dizziness.

It is better to eat often but in small portions. It is necessary to limit the amount of salty foods. It dries the skin. Such products include: chips, popcorn, salted peanuts, semi-finished products.

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