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Beans, green tea and other non-obvious products that are dangerous for your teeth

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Marina Kolesnichenko, dentist, chief physician of the Beauty Line, will talk about the five dental “pests”, which you probably didn’t guess!

Legumes: the risk of granulomas

Beans is the final product, which you’ll remember if you were asked to name bad for teeth food. However, the fact that the common bean contains a protein called “phytohemagglutinin”. It has an interesting feature — it provokes cell proliferation, formation of new cells and intracellular structures. This leads to tissue growth by intensive cell division. What is the danger? In the presence of carious teeth in the oral cavity legumes can cause inflammation at the root of the tooth. Through a deep carious cavity phytohemagglutinin penetrates the root system and from there to ekologiniu area. There is this protein contributes to the formation of granulomas — small-rounded education that is characterized by a long and asymptomatic.

But, in fairness, I must say that such a phenomenon is observed not in all people. This requires a certain individual preconditions, so do not rush to throw all the beans, if you have strong healthy teeth. But if you are the owner of “problem” teeth, it is better not to risk first and worry about their treatment, and then enjoy a bean dish.

Ice: the dangerous hardness, plus the lack of hygiene

Ice cold beverages — great for a hot afternoon, and for a cocktail party. But in the ice and is a danger! First, ice has a solid structure. Many people during the consumption of cocktails and other drinks I love to chew ice, and if you’re one of those lovers cold, then bear in mind that because of this the tooth may get hurt! In some particularly unfortunate cases, it can lead to the need for its removal.

But the point of the “second” far more unpleasant. During the examination of ice for drinks from fast food chains, the experts found more than half of samples of faecal bacteria (coliforms). As fecal germs into the ice? Very simple: dirty hands, employees of the food block, which is the ice itself and the equipment for manufacture of cold cocktails. So be careful: drink cocktails with ice house, make ice for them herself, observing the rules of hygiene, don’t bite and cold cubes.

Meat products: the damage of the fibers

Eat delicious steak, and as a result suffer because of its fibers stuck between your teeth? This is not harmless: fiber meat products remaining in the gaps between the teeth and carious cavities, decays rapidly and can provoke the appearance of unpleasant mouth odor, while acting as a real feast for microbes! The consequences are disastrous for the teeth and gums. And therefore do not feed microbes: after a meal give a little time for hygiene, and don’t wait for the evening cleaning the teeth before bedtime. The best option — road kit for teeth care that you can buy in pharmacies or online stores.

Tea bags: fear of dyes and fluoride

Moreover, that bagged tea is inferior in taste to the leaf, as most packets contain the cheapest teas, since the manufacturer sometimes puts them in the dyes. They increase the acidity of the drink, which leads to changes in the mineral composition of tooth enamel. Almost the same effect was observed for acidic drinks. Moreover, in the packaged tea too high content of fluoride, which negatively affects the condition of the teeth and bones of the body.

Special mention worthy of green tea — but you probably think that just it is something extremely useful! But the excessive use of green tea disrupts the function of the liver and iron absorption: a large amount of tannins (tannins) affect the absorption of iron from the protein products. This drink also has a high acidity, dangerous for the enamel.

Drinks without sugar: what’s the catch?

They are not as safe as us says is! They contain high percentage of acids (citric and phosphoric), which affect the enamel of the teeth, washing out of the calcium, fluorine, potassium, magnesium and other substances. The process of leaching of the mineral component of enamel is called demineralization. The same effect on teeth drinking wine, however, alcohol increases the rate of adverse effects several times. Wine contains a range of acids (wine, dairy, maleic and citric). That’s why wine is recommended to serve cheese: they at least neutralize the attack of the acids. In short, French gourmets knew what he was doing when he made long lists of cheeses that were supposed to serve with a particular wine.

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