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BCAA 8:1:1 from extensively as a fat burner

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BCAA 8:1:1 from extensively as a fat burner are cheaper than similar sports nutrition products. Is there a catch? Of course, because half 300 g banks are not branched-chain amino acids and glutamine cheaper. Deceiving us? The manufacturer does not think so, because glutamine is also useful for muscle recovery after workouts and promotes anabolic processes. Another thing, you can get it from regular food more than the BCA, the quantity, and therefore it is less valuable for sports nutrition. Is it worth buying this product?

The effect of BCAA 8:1:1 extensively as a fat burner

The product is designed:

  • To create an anabolic environment in your body of an athlete;
  • To promote muscle growth;
  • To speed up the recovery after workouts and to block catabolism during cardio;
  • To help keep the muscle on drying;
  • To reduce inflammation in muscle tissues

This product is characterized by a unique ratio of amino acids. Usually, BCAA common ratio of 2 to 1k1, because the athletes are wondering whether to buy this complex.

The manufacturer claims that the main effect of this product is to prevent catabolism and improve recovery. And glutamine this question is “expert.” Besides, it improves the immune system, so less training is missed due to illness. The athletes argue that it is better not to mix supplements and take glutamine separately before bedtime.

Amino acids are ingested with sources of protein. It is rather difficult to “isolate” and you have to learn when people ate protein foods. The only reason from a scientific point of view, the discussion about the time of receipt of glutamine does not make sense. Another issue is that we do not buy, BCAA, but a mixture, because it is not very save.

How to take

Make BCAA, with the balance of amino acids should be about the same as usual. Ladle bred in water, and take a mixture to practice. Serving drink during class, portion – before or during cardio. You can drink more water with the amino acids in the morning, if at that time will not be accepted protein.

Some athletes cost 1 portion of BCAA a day, and drink it before a workout, others bring the number of amino acids up to a “textbook” 20 still Others take only a day workout and during cardio, the fourth and the day of rest, too. A regimen of amino acids and protein is an individual thing. It depends on the standard diet of the athlete to a greater degree than other factors. If the athlete in your life do not eat protein, and don’t want to increase the number of protein sources in the diet, he should attend to the use of 20 g BCAA, if not – you can do lower dosages.


Athletes write the mixed reviews about this product. Someone not going to buy it because of the glutamine in the composition, others because don’t like the taste. Some appreciate the product as an adequate aide in the recovery of muscles after exercise, while others believe that from such “helpers” need to stay away because glutamine can be found cheaper. Buying sportpit, you need to remember that taste is an individual matter, and for the money this product is quite normal.

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