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Basic verification: 10 important aspects of health after 35

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1. Weight

It is important to monitor not only the set, but the sharp drop, which may indicate disease. To lose weight with age becomes more difficult.

2. Constant fatigue

Can be a symptom of early menopause, but rather — lack of sleep. It is advisable to sleep at least 7 hours a day.

3. Heart

With age, it starts to work worse, at the first signs of improper operation, go to the doctor.

4. Decreased libido

Often associated with the hormonal changes and dryness of the vagina. Start with the use of lubricant.

5. Breast cancer and cervical cancer

Once a year do a mammogram and a PAP test, regularly check your chest for softness, and the absence of secretions (the latter applies to intimate area).

6. Hair loss and thinning hair

Consult your doctor, drink your vitamins and RUB it into the hair nourishing products.

7. Hypertension

Check the pressure once a week, and if you feel bad more often. If it is constantly high, go to the doctor.

8. Osteoporosis

With age, bones become more fragile. If having problems, consult a doctor.

9. Gastro – and colonoscopy

It is advisable to do every two years, even if no alarming symptoms.

10. The thyroid gland

Tests for hormones and ultrasound should be done every year.

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