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Basic exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower back

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Often adults, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle due to pains in the back and waist. This not only leads to physical discomfort but also deteriorating health. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the lower back will eliminate the pain and fix the spinal muscles.

Strengthening the lower back with the help of walk

The main burden lies on the lumbar spine, which keeps almost the entire weight of the body. Today 85% of people in different life moments, you feel discomfort and sometimes sharp pain in the back. As a result of many reasons developing muscle atrophy, avoid or eliminate which can be, doing the usual walk.

To avoid any difficulties with your back and vertebrae, it is necessary to go daily for 6-8 km.

This will improve the blood circulation of the whole body, will weaken burden on the Department of the waist, strengthen health and improve immunity. Of course, many people do not find much time for walking. In this case, you should find an alternative, doing at home or in the gym.

Exercises for the back

Below are exercises that will develop the muscles and ligaments of the lumbar spine. The vertebrae will remain untouched. If you have never done exercises for the back, be very careful. If you experience pain, reduce the load or even eliminate exercise. Execute the movements safely and smoothly. If any exercise is difficult to perform, and you can’t raise arms or legs, do not worry. Keep practicing to the best of their ability, straining muscles. Over time, you will be able to do the exercises correctly and in full. In addition, the need to monitor the breath: it is under load to exhale and when to inhale relaxation. Breathe relaxed and slowly.

For the development of lumbar muscles, exercise regularly, performing the main workout, as well as exercises for stretching and strengthening the cardio system. How to build lower back and what exercises to choose, you will learn below.

Bridge hips

This exercise will help to strengthen the lumbar and eliminate discomfort in the back:

  • bend your knees, lying on back;
  • lift up your buttocks, tensing the thigh muscles (need to get a straight line of the body);
  • not for long will stay in such position;
  • go back to the original position.

Exercise 10-12 times in several approaches.


Exercise is good considering all the dorsal muscles. To run it under force even to the beginner:

  • lying on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs;
  • raise both straight legs up as high as possible;
  • will stay in this position for a couple seconds and lower the legs.

Then raise your hands up while looking forward. Then alternate lifting limbs: fix up the left foot and right hand together, and Vice versa. The final exercise will raise both arms and legs in the pose of Superman. Do Mahi 10-15 times, resting between different types of exercises for 1 minute.

Compression of the pelvic muscles

Training will develop a deep and transverse abdominal muscles and the muscles holding the back:

  • bend your knees, lying on back;
  • feet position from each other at a distance of 30-40 cm;
  • the rotten lower back up to between the floor and the lower back held a fist;
  • go back to the original position.

During the implementation of this exercise, especially need to monitor the breath: it should be deep and smooth. Do deflections 10-12 times.

Lifts opposite limb

Exercise will help to stretch and warm up the back:

  • take a seat on all fours;
  • keep the lower back straight, eyes looking down;
  • tear off the floor left leg and right arm so that the body formed a straight line;
  • not caving in, stay in this position for a few seconds;
  • return to the initial position;
  • the same make with the opposite limbs.

Perform 15-20 repetitions on each hand and foot. Do not raise legs above level of back.


Training is not only for the biceps of the legs and hips, but and lower back:

  • standing in a straight position, place the feet hips-width;
  • with one foot take a step forward, and another bend at the knee (it should bend at a right angle and be parallel to the ankle);
  • case do not flame, operates on the right heel, tense the muscles of the thigh;
  • return to the initial position;
  • repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

Make 7-10 lunges on each leg.


A very good exercise that uses the biceps, abdominal muscles, buttocks and strengthens the spine:

  • lying on your stomach, stretch your arms and legs;
  • rest on straight arms and toes and raise your torso;
  • the housing is in any case not the sticks up should be a smooth line;
  • stay in this position as long as possible (at least 30 sec);
  • rest 1-2 minutes and repeat the exercise again.

You can combine the bar, doing a side rack. In this case, strain will be the oblique abdominal muscles and back. For this rest in the lateral position at the elbow of the right hand, the left bend and abut on the waist and Vice versa.

Stretching back muscles

After the main workout, be sure to do stretching, which will help to consolidate the result and relaxes the muscles.


One of the best types of stretching that is executed after main load:

  • sit on your hands and knees;
  • keep your hands under shoulders and knees under hips;
  • rotten back, lifting the chin up and buttocks;
  • round the back in the form of an arc, with your chin and pelvis down.

Do 10-12 repetitions.

Stretching of the abdominal muscles and lower back

  • lying on his stomach, pull the brush back;
  • rest your straight arms on the floor, prognuv back case;
  • feel the abs and lumbar muscles stretch and relax the abdominal muscles;

Hold in that position for several minutes.

Twisting of the knees

The final exercise in stretching, which is good warming up the muscles of the lower back:

  • lying on his back and rotten knees;
  • place straight arms in the parties to the case were in the form of the letter “t”;
  • do the twist, lowering your knees to the right, then to the left;
  • hands do not distract from the floor and do crunches, feeling like warming up the back muscles.

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