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Basic exercises in bodybuilding

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Professional bodybuilders use in the basic exercises. This set helps athletes to achieve positive results. Let’s consider together what kind of exercises and how to perform them correctly.

Basic exercises

There are three main basic exercises in bodybuilding: deadlifts, bench press bar lying on a horizontal bench and squats with a barbell. Movements must be performed correctly, as this will depend on the result.

Performing the deadlift

This exercise will help to quickly build muscle. These involved: latissimus, forearm, biceps of thighs, buttocks, spine, upper back, quadriceps, adductor. Before performing the exercises with proper preparation:

  • Should approach the fingerboard. Feet are parallel to each other.
  • Then you need to sit down and take the barbell straight grip. The hands placed vertically, the shoulders are stamped. You need to look up.

Let’s consider the technique of performing the exercises in bodybuilding:

  • First, take a breath. On the exhale, begin to pull the bar. The movement is performed smoothly and without sudden jerks. The neck should slide along the legs.
  • When the bar passes the knees, you need to straighten up and shoulder blades together.
  • Then return to the starting position.

When performing exercises it is necessary to consider these tips:

  • Movements with the rod should be smooth.
  • Before lowering the shell down, you need to take the pelvis back.
  • The neck should slide along the thighs.
  • The waist bends.
  • After passing the knees, pancakes rod get sex.
  • On the inhale lower shell, on the exhale – lift.

There are several errors in such exercises in bodybuilding:

  • Rounding of the back.
  • Hitting the projectile from the floor.
  • When lifting the pelvis begins to overtake the body.

To bring the exercise to automaticity, in the first training using the mirror. In the reflection of the athlete sees the mistakes.
The execution of the bench press bar

A good exercise develops strength and helps to quickly gain muscle mass. Considering almost all the upper muscle groups of the human body. The main load is on the chest of the Delta and triceps.

Technique bases for the exercise:

  • Lie down on the bench. For the fretboard, take a grip slightly wider than shoulders. Head tight to the bench.
  • The blades is reduced. Lower back arched, legs apart widely. Foot well rest on the surface.
  • Removed the shell and displayed on the chest. On the inhale smoothly engages the rod until it touches the lower part of the chest.
  • On the exhale, the shell displays up. Then return to the starting position. At the bottom of the forearm must be vertical.
  • The elbows always under the fingerboard. The projectile moves only in the vertical plane.
  • During the execution of movement of the blade is always kept, and the lower back arched. On the breath the shell is lowered, and on the exhale – lift.

In this lesson, you in the bodybuilding produce the error:

  • Lift the head and it turns in different directions.
  • Avulsion of the pelvis from the bench.
  • Incomplete range of motion.

Squats with a barbell

While performing the exercises great sway feet. Also helps to gain muscle mass and develop your whole body. The main burden falls on: quads, thighs, buttocks, lower back.

Starting position looks like this:

  • You must go to frame or power rack, where the projectile. Perform a wide grip. The barbell placed on his shoulders. The loin is arched.
  • The shell is removed from the racks, take a step back. Feet are shoulder width apart. Elbows is withdrawn, the blades are reduced, strain back muscles. You need to look up.

The technique of squats:

  • On the inhale doing a squat to parallel a femoral part with the floor. On the exhale return to the starting position. Knees at the same time to go over the socks and not completely straight at the bottom.
  • When lowering down, the pelvis is not given back. For the retention of the body do body tilt forward.
  • The back is in the arched position. On the inhale down, exhale – up. You need to look in front of him.

The neck should be taken only at the center. Under the sunset it is made with pre-reduced blades. When performing exercises there are the following errors:

  • Rounding of the back.
  • Mixing knees.
  • The heels come off.
  • The output of the knees forward over the socks.
  • The location of the projectile in the neck.

Tips and benefits when performing basic exercises in bodybuilding

When enabled, basic body building exercises in the training program should consider the following tips and benefits:

  • During training produces growth hormone and testosterone. This will help you gain muscle mass.
  • You need to gradually increase the load and perfect technique of the exercises at the first trainings. It is thus possible to achieve permanent progress.
  • At the same time swing several major muscle groups of the upper body.
  • As the load increases and the right approach it is possible to get rid of extra pounds.
  • All the muscles of the rock and grow at the same time.
  • To achieve a positive result it is not necessary to wear down the body plenty of sets and reps.
  • When using basic exercises in bodybuilding is to change the diet.

If you stick to the techniques and avoid mistakes in the near future, the athlete begins to gain muscle mass.

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