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Basic exercises for the shoulders in men’s and women’s fitness

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Basic exercises for the shoulders in men’s and women’s fitness
The contents

  • Swing the shoulders in the gym
  • Differences between men’s and women’s fitness
  • A set of exercises on the shoulders for men
  • How to pump up the shoulders of women?
  • Exercises for the muscles of the shoulders

The most attractive image of the modern athlete are considered broad shoulders and biceps that always attract the eye of the fair sex. No wonder men paid to the study of the shoulder girdle increased attention, however, to train this area is not easy. Exercises for the muscles of the shoulder are so diverse that it’s difficult to choose, especially if you are a beginner in fitness. In the shaping of the shoulder girdle involved are the deltoid muscles, divided into front, rear and middle beams. For their harmonious development it is necessary to use fitness equipment.

Swing the shoulders in the gym

To pump up the Delta in terms of the gym, usually use basic exercises. If a history of chronic disease or injury, use isolation training movement.

To find the best exercises for the shoulders, consult your trainer. It will help to Orient in the abundance of fitness equipment, as well as make a training program according to your request. It is preferable to start with the basic set on the shoulders, forming all beams of the Delta.

Differences between men’s and women’s fitness

Gender aspects in the gym do not appear regarding fitness training, the only difference is that working with weights. Although it is somewhat stereotypical. For example, if a woman is serving athlete, the load on her muscles may be much more than the average gym goer.

A set of exercises on the shoulders for men

For the study of the shoulder girdle algorithm of exercise you need to build in order to be able to do at least 10 repetitions of each element in 1 approach. The correct weight of the shells will help to pump the deltoid muscle, to increase their volume. If your goal is developing strength and stamina, the weight of the shells should be large, and the number of sets and reps — less. Each bundle can be considered by means of isolation exercises.

How to pump up the shoulders of women?

Women structure do not differ from the male, because no special elements of fitness for them. In mind is to take weight, which the girl and also the intensity of the classes. If the purpose of the women is weight loss, pump the Delta will be difficult, because one of the main factors of muscle growth is the surplus of calories.

If you want to work in relief, then do not pursue the big weights from the start, build up the load gradually. Better get to work, with minimal weight, to master the technique, then increase the load.

Exercises for the muscles of the shoulders

The bench-press is the most popular item among visitors to the gym. This basic exercise is required for pumping deltas using the weighting. To perform the bench press barbell standing source is the vertical position of the body with the seizure of neck top of hands; the bar rises to mid-chest. The force is breath, and when lowering the barbell down exhale.

The development of the shoulders also helps the bench press barbell sitting. To execute it assume a sitting position on the training bench, a little rotten back, keep the neck wide grip. Exhaling, slowly lift the barbell at arm’s length over your head and inhale lower the projectile behind your head.

One of the most effective exercises is the Arnold press. Its name it owes to the well-known bodybuilder to A. Schwarzenegger. This element is similar to the execution of the bench over your head, but with one difference: in the initial position the elbows and wrists holding a:

  • Sit on a bench with a high back, between it and your back should not be a gap, bend legs at an angle of 90 degrees, brush keep inside your palms. A barbell or dumbbell push up, at the same time by the rotation of the brushes. In the top position hold for a few seconds, put your hands down and exhale. Repeat desired number of sets according to the training plan.

Exercises for the muscles of the shoulders should be comfortable, but if you find it too easy to work, add weight. If you feel discomfort, decrease the weight or reduce the number of repetitions.

The lifting of the dumbbells to the sides — also great exercise for the muscles of the shoulder Department:

  • Standing straight, slightly bend your body, hold a dumbbell in straight arms and in this position, pull them to the side parallel to the floor. Not in a hurry. Hands do not bend at the elbows. Remember: always exhale done on the effort! If the elbows are bent involuntarily, then the weight is too much for you. Reduce weights, learn the technique, and when it becomes perfect, try to increase weight.

The simulator”butterfly” is known to every frequenter of the gym and the fitness buff:

  • Sit on the machine housing firmly press to the back. Grasp the handrails and do the dash levers myself, not changing position of hands. With extension of the elbows, exhale, when you bend or breathe.

To develop beautiful shoulders using weights:

  • Take two weights in hands and lift over head, observing safety precautions. Arms with shells in hand, without pause, return them to the starting position.
  • Sitting or standing, lift the kettlebell to chest level. This type of training is very effective for strengthening the deltoid muscles.

Similar exercises for the muscles of the shoulder girdle can be performed at home, however, it is important to follow the technique, because a similar weighting is quite traumatic.

If in the process of performing exercises for the muscles of the shoulders you encounter difficulties, ask for help to the duty coach or instructor who will correct technique and correct your mistakes. Do not try to learn on their own hard training movement, because subsequently “re-train” themselves on their correct execution can be quite difficult.

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