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Barre-fitness – if you can not decide

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Mixed fitness areas seem to be created for those who can not choose one or the other. This is how barre workouts are arranged, they have strength elements, tricks from ballet and yoga, even Pilates. Now Barre-fitness is only gaining popularity in Russia, not many are ready to answer the question of what it is, but such classes are already working in large fitness clubs. From this material you will learn what barre fitness is and you will get answers to all questions regarding this area.

What is barre fitness?

The direction was created by a former ballerina from Germany Lotte Burke, she was forced to leave the scene due to an injury, but did not want to lose her perfect body shape – figure and relief. Lotte could not afford ballet training in the same rhythm and therefore created her own fitness system. The technique combines classical fitness, ballet exercises, yoga and Pilates, as a result, ideal workouts for girls. Any movement performed will be beautiful and aesthetic, the body will become just as beautiful with regular training.

barre fitness

How are your workouts?

This is a harmonious combination of sports and ballet, loads of different types and movements of different amplitudes. Holding positions, borrowed from yoga, surprises the muscles and helps to draw relief. In total, the system has 140 exercises, many of which are composed of programs, all workouts differ from each other. The necessary equipment for barre-training includes a ballet machine, some programs require the use of additional equipment – expanders, small dumbbells, balls.

barre fitness with balls

What effect is expected?

Each workout will be energy-intensive and will force you to spend about 400 calories, this is a merit of the cardio part with full-amplitude movements. The result of training will depend on their frequency. If you conduct one training session a week, then you will feel an improvement in mood, a surge of energy and strength, after some time, your posture will become better. If you want to do more intense work on your body, you need to train 3-4 times a week. With this periodicity, the body will begin to lose weight and form beautiful shapes – the waist, legs, hips, and the muscular relief becomes noticeable. The muscles will be the same as the dancers, that is, strong, prominent, but not pumped.

A curious observation: everyone who starts barre-fitness has a professional habit. They constantly want to pull a sock, in any situation, always and everywhere.

Who can and should not do?

If the classes are conducted by a competent trainer who is able to adapt the load level for each of the trainees, then everyone can attend such trainings without exception. Each exercise can be modified to a higher or lower complexity. Intensive cardio is contraindicated in people with problems with the cardiovascular system. Joint problems are not a contraindication, as in barre-fitness there are no jumps and other exercises with shock load on the joints. If weakness, discomfort in the lumbar region or elsewhere is felt before training, inform the trainer about this.

barre fitness with rubber bands

What does barre training go with?

The program may include dancing, yoga, stretching, all of these workouts go well together. Barre training will make the body more resilient and create a muscular relief, yoga will teach you a sense of balance and harmony, dancing will show how to combine different movements into bundles, and stretching will consolidate the results.

In order to do barre-fitness, you don’t need a special uniform and even sneakers. You can train in Czechs or non-slip socks, the uniform is free. The direction does not require much, but gives a lot, so getting to know it will be useful to everyone.


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