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Balanced diet for weight loss: menus and features

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Extra pounds are the most common problem in both women and men. To get rid of them, many resort to strict diets, limiting themselves in food. However, this approach most often not only does not solve the problem, but also leads to serious consequences and diseases. The most gentle and effective method of getting rid of excessive weight is to build the right healthy diet. The article discusses the principles of a balanced diet for weight loss, and also presents a menu.


In order to achieve the desired result as soon as possible, you should regularly adhere to the correct diet, and also observe the following principles:

Keep a calorie count. For fast weight loss, it is important to establish clear limits on calories consumed per day. Before creating a menu, you should calculate its calorie content. For people who do not exercise, the daily dose should not exceed 1200 kcal, while for athletes it can be increased to 1500 kcal.
Stick to the drinking regimen. Maintaining water balance plays an important role, so the minimum amount of water drunk per day is 2 liters. Take as an obligatory rule the intake of one glass of purified water immediately after waking up.
Eliminate sugar and salt. When cooking, try to use the minimum amount of salt, while it is better to refuse sugar altogether. Instead, you can use sweeteners, and sweets and sweets should be replaced with fruits.
Reduce yolk intake. They contain a large amount of cholesterol, which leads to the deposition of fat and the appearance of extra pounds. When cooking egg dishes, use all of the protein, separating it from the yolk.
Means of cooking. You should choose harmless methods of processing products, refusing to fry. It is best to bake or cook the ingredients, you can also use a steam bath.
Exclude night snacks. Forget about eating at night, the last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Balanced diet for weight loss: menus and features

What components should be in the diet

Before you make a daily diet, make sure that it includes the following components:

Squirrels. They are the building block that is necessary for the formation and maintenance of muscle mass. It depends on it the speed of food processing by the body, as well as the removal of excess calories. Contained in seafood, lean meat, dairy and dairy products. The minimum daily dose is 40-50 grams.
Fats. Take part in the metabolic processes of the body. In order for these components to have an exclusively positive effect, you should adhere to these rules:

eating more vegetable fats;
their share should be no more than 35% of the total diet;
reduce the intake of animal fats.

Carbohydrates. They are an important component that adds strength and stamina to the body. Must account for up to 60% of the total diet. To obtain this element, you need to use the following products:


Cellulose. Many people forget about this component, however, it is one of the most important. Contained in carrots, green onions, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage and celery. The minimum daily dose is from 100 to 150 grams.

Balanced diet for weight loss: menus and features


The optimal schedule of balanced nutrition for weight loss for women is as follows:

afternoon tea
snack a few hours before bedtime (if necessary).

Thus, at least 5-6 meals should be taken per day. In this case, it is necessary to observe fractional nutrition, dividing food into small portions.

Nutritionist Recommendations

Consider the most common tips that experienced nutritionists give:

Follow the rules of healthy eating regularly. If you decide to switch to a balanced diet, you should not take breaks or give yourself an indulgence. Only with a systematic approach to this issue can the desired effect be achieved.
Do not forget about physical activity. In order to get rid of obesity, a balanced diet is not enough. The combination of training and diet will achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.
Psychologically tune out certain ingredients. Convince yourself that certain foods are really harmful to your body and can lead to certain diseases.
Read the composition. When shopping at a store, carefully read the composition, since the presence of preservatives and various additives can significantly slow down the process of losing weight.
Weigh yourself regularly. Track the dynamics of weight loss and record the results.
Get rid of irritants. Before you go on a diet, throw away all harmful foods.

Balanced diet for weight loss: menus and features

Example menu for the day

The daily menu with a balanced diet is selected depending on the characteristics of the body, as well as the presence of contraindications. Consider several options for diets for different categories of people.

For obesity

Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, vegetable salad, a cup of tea.

Snack: banana or apple, fruit salad.

Lunch: vegetable soup, lean meats.

Snack: yogurt or cottage cheese dessert.

Dinner: white fish with vegetable stew.

For athletes

Breakfast: eggs, any kind of cereals, milk.

Snack: fruits or vegetables.

Lunch: boiled or steamed veal with baked potatoes.

Snack: carrot salad.

Dinner: fish fillet with beans.

For pregnant

Breakfast: wheat porridge with dried fruits.

Snack: low-fat yogurt.

Lunch: vegetable soup, baked fish.

Snack: fruit or berries.

Dinner: sliced ​​vegetables, boiled eggs.

Thus, the most effective diet for weight loss is a balanced diet. A proper diet can not only quickly get rid of excess weight, but also improve the general condition of the body. To achieve the desired result, attention should also be paid to physical activity.


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