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“Bacteriological attack” at the gym: 6 places to get an infection

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Locker room

This is probably the only place where there are all before and after school. Starting with shoes left at the door, and ending with the dirty towels, which is not removed in time, is if the room doesn’t spend much time there.

How to protect yourself: bring a towel with you, go around the room and soul, only in Slippers, don’t touch other people’s things and don’t hang around there for half an hour.

Exercise Mat

Not all carry sanitizer and wipe down the surface after use (often this is generally prohibited by the rules of the club). So innocent Mat turns into a formidable biological weapon.

How to protect yourself: bring your Mat and practice on it. If we are talking about a small workout, pick exercises that don’t require lying or sitting on the floor.

Free weights

Use them three out of four visitors, so that bacteria on them — for every taste.

How to protect yourself: wipe surface with a damp cloth, do not use too long, wash or dry your hands after use.

Drinking fountain

Water in sports is critical. Alas, fountains for drinking is not hygienic, and in stationary coolers of accumulated crap.

How to protect yourself: carry a bottle of water. And Yes, wipe it with a napkin to get rid of germs on the surface.


Even if you divide stories about pools of 50, this area will still be not the most favourable to health. Particles of sweat and other secrets to get along even with bleach, and given that some consider an optional visit to shower before swimming…

How to protect yourself: be sure to wear goggles and a cap. A sign of a dirty pool — a persistent smell of bleach in the air. This means that the chemical grapple with microorganisms the water is so clean as it should be.


This is perhaps the most popular shell in the gym. Of course, it settle sweat, saliva and other nasty things. Studies have shown that on a treadmill in 74% (!) more bacteria than tap public soul.

How to protect yourself: wipe the surface before and after. The track itself can not touch, still engaged in the Shoe, but the pen (and possibly buttons) to gently wipe.

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