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B12 without meat: 7 products that have the essential vitamin

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1. Porridge with vitamins

Oatmeal or granola, fortified with vitamin B12, will help raise its level. If you don’t like cereal with milk, eat cereal dry right out of the jar, spread it with water or juice.

2. Cow’s milk

If you have no intolerance to it, problem solved. In addition to the B12, milk contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. For a full dose of vitamins you need to drink 2 glasses of milk a day.

3. Eggs

In the egg contains a lot of protein and B12, but it is important to eat just the yolk. In any form, from omelets to fried eggs.

4. Yogurt

In the yogurt enough vitamin B12, and it is better to choose no artificial additives. Throw a handful of berries or nuts, and fortified ready to wholesome snack.

5. Soy milk

In the no soy vitamin B12, but in an enriched version — is. It can be drunk by itself or added to coffee and cocoa.

6. Shiitake mushrooms

They have a lot of need vitamin. Mushrooms can be added to salad, egg dishes, wrap in a tortilla with vegetables.

7. Nori seaweed

The fastest way to replenish B12 is to eat 4 grams of nori (one paper — 3 g). So if you love rolls, you can not worry about the deficit!

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