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Australian Pullups: Which Muscles Work?

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Australian pull-ups are an alternative for those who can not yet perform the classic technique. They can be combined with push-ups – then different muscle groups will alternately receive a load. Australian house pull-ups can also be done – you will need two chairs with backs and a horizontal bar. These exercises do not require the help of an instructor, so they are suitable for beginners. The main condition is that you need to ensure that the execution technique is correct.

Australian pull-ups: technique

Pulling up in a horizontal position is a great option for those who can not perform the classic technique. Men add this exercise to their regular training program if they want to build a powerful back. Australian pull-ups help boxers and fighters show better results. They can be used in combination with other exercises. It is better if the training program will be an experienced instructor.

The exercise is more correctly performed using the Smith simulator. At home, you can install a horizontal bar for Australian pull-ups. It must be fixed no higher than 90 cm from the floor. Efficiency depends on adherence to technology.

Australian pull-ups at home or in the gym can be performed in different variations. You need to take up the horizontal bar and straighten your arms. The emphasis should be placed on the heels, and not on the whole foot.

On exertion you need to exhale. At the same time, lift the body so that the chest is at a small distance from the horizontal bar. Flatten the blades and lock. In this position, they should remain throughout the exercise. Returning to the starting position, you need to exhale. It is very important not to make sudden movements. For pull-ups to be effective, everything needs to be done smoothly.

What muscles help pull-ups work out?

What muscles help pull-ups work out?

During the implementation of the Australian pull-ups, the main load falls on the latissimus dorsi. Also involved are the press, the infraspinatus and the rhomboid muscles, back straighteners, brachialis. These pull-ups can be performed with different grips.

Reverse grip provides for the development of biceps and latissimus dorsi. Medium helps to pump the upper back and biceps. Straight wide gives the strongest load on these muscle groups. The trapezius muscles and abs work quite a bit.

To emphasize the forearms and biceps, you can use a narrow grip. However, this requires maximum mobility of the wrists. Neutral grip involves the shoulder and elbow joints. You can try to pull up at different angles, so that there is a different load on muscle groups. If physical fitness allows, pull-ups can be performed with one hand. But this technique is not suitable for beginner athletes.

Grip along the horizontal bar pumps jagged, shoulder and latissimus dorsi muscles. Fists should be adjacent to each other, and the head alternately bends around the bar on the right and left.

Australian pull-ups at home or in the gym can be performed in different variations. To ease the load, you can bend your knees slightly. Then raising the upper body will be easier.

You can perform this exercise with the support of legs on a hill. Then you can raise the bar higher or lower below – this will make it possible to adjust the load.

Pull-ups "archer" – an analogy of the same push-ups. The starting position is a wide grip. Next, you should move from one hand to another, straightening them one by one. To keep the body easier, you can widely spread your legs. Experienced athletes can bring their legs together – so the load will be much greater.

Australian pull-ups can be performed on one arm. You need to take a narrow grip and spread your legs wide. After that, one hand needs to be removed from the crossbar and pressed to the body. The hand that holds the horizontal bar must be moved so that it is in the middle relative to the body. Muscles should be tight during exercise. It is necessary to ensure that there are no strong turns of the body. The load goes to the muscles of the back and abs, biceps. Other muscle groups are also involved.

Trained athletes should avoid training of the same type. You can attach a weight to the belt or put on a vest with a weighting agent. The load is best chosen under the supervision of an instructor.

Australian House Pullups: Major Mistakes

Australian House Pullups: Major Mistakes

Despite the fact that the technique for performing this exercise is relatively simple, novice athletes often make typical mistakes. One of the most common is body deflection. At run time, the body should be straight. It is important to ensure that there are no jerking, bouncing or jerking. In order for the muscles to work out well, everything needs to be done smoothly.

Another mistake is the shoulder blades relaxed and spread apart. To maximize the latissimus dorsi muscles, the shoulder blades must be brought together and fixed in this position during the exercise. To pull up to the horizontal bar you need to breast. If you touch the neck or press, the back will not increase.

Before you perform an Australian pull-up at home, you should work out this exercise with an instructor. The right technique is the key to effective training. The instructor will correct the errors and give basic recommendations.

You can not throw your head back trying to reach the horizontal bar – this is dangerous for the cervical spine. Pull-ups are performed thanks to the strength of the hands. Increasing the number of approaches is necessary gradually. No need to abuse, otherwise it can harm your health.

Contraindications and health restrictions

This exercise is categorically not possible for injuries of the shoulder and elbow joints. If there are problems associated with the lumbar, the exercise is best performed under the supervision of an instructor – he will ensure that his back is in a linear position.

It’s better to start with a simple grip, and only then move on to more complex techniques and heavy loads.

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