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As your Breasts will change in 20, 30 and 40 years

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when you first noticed your Breasts growing in size. How old were you? 11? 12? It is often accompanied by discomfort and pain, so perhaps that’s your most happy childhood memory. But after the first period a sharp rise the chest does not cease to change and grow with the end of puberty. Breasts may increase for at least five years after the monthly.

It changes all the time…

Breast size fluctuates depending on, you gain or lose weight. Some women, gaining weight, notice an increase primarily in my chest. When the weight leaves the breast “deflates”. But the main reason of change is always your hormones.

“Pregnant” Breasts

Some women have a baby before 30 years old and pregnancy also changes the shape and size of the Breasts. It is increased in preparation for lactation, and after the nursing period returns to its normal size or even become smaller. But changing not only the size of the Breasts. You can see what has changed, for example, the color of the areolas may become darker and the nipples themselves more. In some women, it all comes back “to normal” after pregnancy, but some remain with the “thing”.

30 years

Stretch marks

Someone earlier stretch marks occur — this is perfectly normal. Blame the sharp set or dropping weight, as well as pregnancy. With age, the skin loses its elasticity, its layers of texture and with a load of toil. These tears appear connective tissue.

Just below

Unfortunately, nothing can be done, the chest gradually droop: the skin is stretched, it is not as firm and elastic as before.
One of the reasons for sagging Breasts is to wear superovyh ligaments — thin fibers that pass through the mammary gland and connected to the internal tissues. They maintain the elasticity and shape of the breast. In the chest there is no muscle to “pump” it and return it its former elasticity does not work. Do not neglect the sports bra during the fitness classes first, so you will be easier, and secondly, you minimisethese movement of his chest. The loss of elasticity is to blame for the reduction in the number of collagen — a protein based connective tissue under the skin.

40 years

All the softer and softer

After 30, you will notice that your Breasts have become less firm — all because the connective tissue increasingly replaces the fat.
A decrease in estrogen, the skin and connective tissue lose moisture and elasticity. Consequently, the breast becomes more “deflated” and not as filled.

The tendency to irritation

The more the breast is “hanging”, the greater the risk of irritation in the area below the Breasts due to friction. Women with light skin may notice a color change in the space under the breast.

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