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As the athlete to get rid of perfectionism?

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In sports you have to set ideals and to strive for more. It is the perfectionism motivates athletes to the fullest. But this desire can be excessive, resulting in bad consequences and reverse effects. Let’s consider some ways to get rid of perfectionism.

Striving for perfection is a trait that is not everyone. Most of all, it is inherent to athletes, as their desire to make the body beautiful is based on this capacity. But sometimes perfectionism begins to play a cruel joke and backfire. Athletes with the syndrome of “excellence” we need to understand when to stop and how not to lose the result.

Perfectionism is recognized by the following characteristics:

  • High vulnerability and impressionability.
  • Focus on mistakes and failures.
  • High standards and framework.
  • Lack of confidence in their own abilities.
  • Guilt for the shortcomings.
  • Willingness to perform any task from the society, even the impossible.

How to get rid of perfectionism in sports?

Athlete early on in my career needs to understand that perfectionism is destructive. You need to divide all concepts and goals into small tasks. To avoid excessive striving for perfection should follow this advice:

  • To identify the cause of perfectionism. You have to understand, this feeling depends on people, time, place or other factors. It is recommended to keep track of all feelings in different situations.
  • Need to adequately assess whether its own standards to achieve the goals or get in the way.
  • To perform profitability. You may want to lower your standards and dreams to accomplish tasks more quickly.
  • To evaluate the term. Should look back a bit and understand how all actions and exercise give the result that was needed.
  • To see a specialist.
    If the athlete understands that his progress has stalled, you should talk with a psychologist or coach to resolve this issue.

To learn how to get rid of perfectionism you just need to act. The person requires:

  • Allow yourself to be imperfect.
  • Not to make obstacles catastrophe, and continue.
  • Not to forget to delegate unnecessary and strange things.
  • Remember about the rest.
  • To do just what you want.
  • To set small goals for each day, and not to dream about the ultimate results.
  • To put a daily limit on the error.
  • To evaluate the criticism as a compliment and not a bad word.
  • Keep track of time.
  • To prioritize.

The benefits of perfectionism

If we talk about a healthy pursuit of the ideal, perfectionism plenty of advantages. Man you need to treat yourself without criticism, but with understanding. You can’t achieve perfection, it will take time and sometimes more than one year.

Healthy perfectionism has the following advantages:

  • Attention to detail – athlete absorb all the details and working on every muscle. He thinks through all training exercises, do not make any unnecessary movements, everything is perfect and smooth. The desire to make the body perfect causes a person to spend more time on fine detail.
  • High efficiency and motivation – these people do not need to inspire or force to do something. They have enough internal desire that guides them, it brings to life and gives strength for further work.
  • Willpower – athletes perfectionists highly developed power of will. They will make any sacrifice and compromise. People overcome their own laziness and lead the masses.
  • Talent development – working on one skill, the athlete wants to develop others. Having achieved one goal, he puts other and trying to “pump” the other direction.

If you do not have goals and not be taken seriously, there were no great achievements of the open, athletes have become Champions and don’t set new achievements. Why perfectionism should be, but in moderation.

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