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As men gain weight due to wives and girlfriends?

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If your husband or boyfriend excess weight, maybe you’re the one to blame. This conclusion was made on the scientific level, he is trustworthy. Find out how men gain weight due to wives and girlfriends.

The problem of excess weight swept the planet, people have become less active, and their usual food is more harmful. Excess weight brings associated diseases in the United States, more than one hundred million people suffer from diabetes or are at increased risk of developing this disease. A third of the population of States, the overall picture is the world the same disappointing.

The majority of men are less prone to overweight than women, however they also suffer from obesity. In addition to the traditional causes of excess weight in men was recently identified another trend. It turned out that the presence of excess weight in men is largely dependent on his wife or girlfriend, with whom he lives together.

If a couple lives together, they share all aspects of life, even when different views are usually people share similar lifestyles.

If one partner used to spend evenings in front of the TV with a huge bag of chips, it is unlikely that the second will be at the same time engage in on the equipment in the gym or out for a jog.

The observations of scientists have shown that if the wife has extra weight, that her husband would be at risk of developing diabetes, even if he has no extra pounds. Scientists earnestly suggest to all men, figures of wives which is far from ideal, to be examined for the presence of latent diabetes. This trend has a simple explanation – women are more responsible approach to their health issues, they also care about the health of husband and children. Moreover, in most couples the woman is more responsible for the conduct of life, in particular for meals. If the woman is to cook healthy and nutritious food, the family will live on packaged food from the nearest store.

It is possible to try to challenge, to talk about gender equality and fair distribution of household responsibilities. But most women are not interested in the struggle for equality, they are more interested in family well-being. No one will argue with the fact that to acquire new habits is much easier if someone supports.

If one of the partners in the pair begins to follow him – to go to the gym, eat right and undergo regular medical examinations, the second will follow suit. It all starts with the food: people who eat regularly together over time, produce a single diet of acceptable food. What is this diet filled with fresh vegetables and lean protein or semi-finished products and food to order, usually depends on the woman.

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