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As it is not necessary to download the press!

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As it is not necessary to download the press!

About how to swing the abdominal muscles we have mentioned, but about how it is not necessary to do and will be discussed in this article. So, the most common mistakes when training the abdominal muscles.

The bench use during fitness

At the time, the use of special benches for exercise abdominal muscles was considered virtually the only effective way. Even stipulated the angle of the bench and the position of the hands for a more effective workout.

But the American coaches and doctors advise to refrain from the bench during training. It’s not the most effective exercise for the abdominal muscles. Effective amplitude for training of abdominal muscles is not large, so most of the force when you exercise on the bench is wasted. There is also enormous pressure on the lumbar spine that threatens the future of the formation of a spinal hernia, pain and other health problems (data research National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety).

Exercise the “cast” of the feet and spine healthy

The essence of uprajneniya that man lying straight leg raises up to resist standing at the head of the partner who pushes down the raised foot. Before this exercise was very popular among the Russian coaches, but now experts advise not to use it in a fitness program.

The fact that during this exercise also created a huge load on the spine, as with bench. In the future this exercise can lead to serious health problems and chronic pain syndrome.

The use of special equipment for “fast” results

Do not need to believe is so prevalent advertising in infomercials and on the Internet, promising quick result when using an expensive simulator. You need to accept the fact that quick results are impossible to achieve, because the visual effect of any workout will be visible only after some time.

For example, the manufacturer of one of the popular “magic” machines, was fined in the United States in the amount of 9.3 million dollars for false information in advertising. The manufacturer promised that this miracle trainer to create a beautiful press and get rid of 5 pounds in 2 weeks. But after a clinical trial revealed that a trainer is inefficient and simply facilitates the bending of the spine.

And in Russia such devices still sell calmly from 3.5 thousand rubles.

So better not wasting money, and use the advice of a professional trainer to lead a healthy lifestyle and the desired result is achieved.

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