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As diaphragmatic breathing changes the training?

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Shallow breathing does not give the body enough oxygen, it affects performance in sport. Find out what will happen if you will master deep diaphragmatic breathing?

Fitness performance is inextricably linked with the breath, shallow breathing when the body does not receive sufficient oxygen for physical activity. If you master deep diaphragmatic breathing, the quality of your training will be much higher.
About the importance of breathing need to ask the yogis, they know how it changes the effectiveness of the training and how it helps to achieve goals. Important to doctors, they argue that deep breath allows you to beat stress, your heart rate and blood pressure, positively affects the protective forces of the body and facilitates the course of diseases such as asthma.
In order to understand what diaphragmatic breathing, you need to see how the child breathes, each breath, its abdomen is filled with air. As we grow older, we start to breathe less deeply, the air when you inhale lift up through the chest, but the abdomen remains stationary.

In order to take a deep breath, you need to involve the diaphragm is located at the base of the lung muscle.

With each breath the abdomen is filled with air and rises when breathing out deflates and descends. Diaphragmatic breathing will help in sports and everyday life, it gives the body a number of advantages.

Relaxation of the nervous system

Deep breathing gives a distinct signal to the parasympathetic nervous system, after which she calms down. This part of the nervous system responsible for relaxation in stressful moments, during deep breathing heart rate and blood pressure come back to normal, the whole body relaxes.

The oxygenation of the body

Diaphragmatic breathing is not a gimmick, and proper use of your respiratory system. In the process of respiration is the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen, the deeper the breath the more oxygen will get to the body. During sports the saturation of oxygen to muscles is directly related to the productivity of training.

Enhanced immunity

If the parasympathetic nervous system deep breathing is a way of relaxation, immunity is a way of strengthening. Stress depresses the body’s defenses, while reducing stress levels the immune system begins to work harder, protecting the body from diseases.

Improving the functionality of the movements

Deep breathing is the strengthening of the core muscles, including abdominals. The people to such an extent puzzled by the beauty of your belly, you forget about its functional purpose. Deep breathing and a strong core muscles range of all movements becomes higher, and the body more functional.

Reducing pain

In medicine, diaphragmatic breathing is used to help patients with fibromyalgia, deep breaths to reduce the pain. These properties apply not only in chronic diseases accompanied by pain, but also in sports. Practice correct deep breathing makes exercise more comfortable and eases muscle pain after them.

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