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Articular exercises for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky

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Bubnovsky’s method is used worldwide for the treatment of joints. It is based on the performance of physical exercises and prevents many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Moreover, it has features must be considered in the process of implementation.

What features have joint exercises S. Bubnovsky?

According to statistics, each 3rd person on Earth broken limbs due to the sedentary pace of life. Performing simple exercises for beginners by S. Bubnovsky, you will be able to eliminate the negative effects. To move properly. A set of exercises based on the following:

  • A balanced breathing rhythm.
  • Proven technology movements.
  • The use of additional therapies (e.g., massage therapy).
  • The rejection of drugs.

As he considers the author, the exercises are not just gets rid of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, but also improves all body functions, including immunity.

Exercises Bubnovskogo are used in the prevention. Key subtleties gym center, specially designed for beginners, are:

  • Reduce feelings of withdrawal and pain.
  • The relaxation of the body circulation and muscle tone.
  • Getting rid of inflammatory processes.
  • Articular development.
  • Stabilizing blood circulation and pressure.
  • Increasing the speed of metabolism.
  • The improvement of the feeding of the tissues.
  • Increase the strength of the corset muscle.

The performance of the method and its safety was first confirmed by the author himself and then patented.

To improve the impact of physical activity on the human body, the doctor invented a special equipment that you can use right at home (if resources do not allow to engage in a rehabilitation center). In addition, there are exercises that do not require any additional devices.

Gymnastics for beginners from Sergey Bubnovsky

This technique is available to all, as is suitable to run at home. It does not require any special fixtures, ample sports fields and pull-up bar, small dumbbells or expander. Before you start exercising, you have to understand that the technique requires discipline and maximum impact. Not allowed to miss training, doing the wrong movement, neglect the technique of breathing as it decreases the effectiveness and safety of gymnastics.

Despite the beneficial effect, the method Sergey Bubnovsky has some contraindications. Because you first need to consult with your doctor. This category includes patients with cancer, risk of heart attack or stroke, tendon rupture.

Bubnovsky the author suggests to start first with small loads included in the complex adaptive training. It can be done after waking up, not even moving from the bed (up to 20 iterations).

A set of exercises on Bubnovskiy in the morning

After the morning awakening, the author recommends the following motion:

  • Lie on the back, and the hands pull along the body between the lower limb slightly wider than shoulders. Large fingers that pull to him, then pulls away from themselves.
  • The initial position is the same. You need to perform mixing and dilution stop trying to touch the big toes to the sheets.
  • Being in the same position, alternately rotate your feet. Imagine the fingers of the lower extremities compress the ball is small in size, and then quickly released, thus lashibi and rastopyrivat fingers.
  • Lie on your back, with your arms have along torso. Bend the lower limb until it forms an obtuse angle. The fingers of each lower limb to stretch themselves until the pelvis begins to move.
  • Taking the posture of lying down, have the arms at your side palms down. Put bent legs shoulder-width apart. Alternately put the knees inside, trying to touch the floor internal part of the thighs.
  • Perform the exercise called “gluteal bridge”, particularly effective when hemorrhoids, constipation, etc. are Still in the process of performing this movement tightens the buttocks and lower limbs. Taking the initial position, have your arms at your side palms down. Bendable legs at the knees and very close to reduce foot. Breathing out, raise and try to stretch the buttocks. A good sign is trembling at the knees. On the exhale, gently fall.
  • Take the posture lying down, stretch the hands and lower limbs. Bend one knee, clasping her hands, and pulled up to his chest. The backrest can be lift with the free leg remains on the bed even. You need to touch the knee collection.
  • Adopting the same starting position, bend the lower limb at the knees, pressing the foot to the surface of the bed. Put hands on the press and, taking a breath, inflate the stomach, it’s like when the wind blows the ball, making the exhale, gently release. The result of these manipulations direct muscle press is in good shape.
  • The exercises on Bubnovskiy Sergei for getting rid of pain

    As a result of violations of the propulsion system, the person feels the pain of various degrees. These problems can be solved through exercises of Sergey Bubnovsky for beginners.

    Execution of gymnastic complex removes pain syndromes in the lumbar region, improving its overall health. Exercises include 3 stages:

  • Relaxing.
  • Study muscle.
  • Final.
  • It should not be neglected in any stage. Exercises from the complex:

  • Relax to the max, standing on his knees and palms.
  • Run smoothly “kitty”, and the SAG in the back, breathing in, bend when you exhale (so up to 20 p.).
  • Stretch the muscles of the spine. Sit on the thigh of the left lower limb and throw it right back. While the left hand like you want to get something in front of him. On each side make a movement at 10 p.
  • Based on 4 limbs and stretch the torso forward. Distributed all my weight on knees and hands, pelvis and back derive in a straight line (do up to 20 repetitions).
  • Based on 4 limbs: this bendable hands and, taking a breath, tend to the floor. The lower limbs while not moving. On the exhale, transfer the hands in the initial position and prizemljem the pelvis to the heels (20 iterations).
  • Lie on your stomach, placing hands on the hips. Making the exhale, lift the pelvis high, making the breath drop (30 reps).
  • To eliminate back pain you can still thanks to rubber shock absorbers. This should be done according to the instructions, doing the exercises at 3 sets for 12 reps.

    • Fall on the inclined Board. The head keep the top and the hands fixed on the handrails. On the inhale the lower limbs gradually tightens to itself, then on the exhale return to the initial pose.
    • Performed bench press bar, thus it is necessary to tear the hip joint from horizontal.
    • Performed angle vis and vis with bent lower limbs on the bar at a time.
    • On the bars grabbing with the hands and placing the load on the pelvis, pulls the lower limbs at 90 degree angles to the body.

    Adaptive gymnastics for beginners successfully performed on video. Exercises done regularly and under the supervision of a specialist. The load increase gradually and not abruptly, you don’t need to do.

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