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Artem Tkach absolute champion in IFBB Diamond Cup 2019 Hungary

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On the weekends, from 17 to 19 may was held the competition of the IFBB professional League from the tournament Diamond Cup 2019. This time the location for the diamond cap was Hungary, Budapest, a room Aquarium Klub. It was another exciting competition with the participation of Amateur athletes at the highest level, where the stake stood five professional IFBB Elite Pro cards to winners of certain categories. Among them are the official results of the IFBB Diamond Cup 2019 Hungary is the Absolute champion of Ukraine Artem Tkach, who became the first in the category Mens physique up to 179 cm. After the victory in a growth group tournament judges put the Kiev on three points higher than the Spaniard in the category over 179 cm, weaver gets the title of Absolute champion diamond cap Hungary 2019 and a map of the IFBB Pro League Elite. Arthur himself wrote on his Instagram page:

The dream became a reality!
Emotions are not words to describe just
Still can’t believe it
We @fedorenko_vladyslav put the purpose of the trip only an absolute victory
Though the preparation was not easy and the season was a huge issue ,but it probably should be…these difficulties have tested my strength,surrender or not,though, and were thought to migrate in the autumn, but my character and words @fedorenko_vladyslav prevailed!
Which led to Absolute victory on the Cup of Ukraine and Absolute victory at the Diamond Cup in Budapest
The season has been gold for the first time! and with quiet soul to go on vacation after 4 years training non-stop
I want to say a huge thank you to coach @fedorenko_vladyslav for motivation, Advice , communication 24/7, and especially for the words “smile!!!”
And thanks for the support my family людям:@_______v7_______ @romarepetii @ann_sosnovskaya @leno4ka_zyryanova
Thanks to the leadership of my hall @fitness_club_steel_gym For the opportunity to prepare, grow and evolve! And thank you to those who supported and believed in me! I’ll try to debut in the new status!
Here’s a peak shape I put on the Diamond Cup Budapest.
The result is an Absolute win and IFBB Elite Pro Card
I want to start preparing for the new division of professionals
Have to work harder it will have to stand with the best of the best including @mr_voevoda
A week of rest and with @fedorenko_vladyslav fight again

Congratulations to Artem with a glorious victory! Champions IFBB Diamond Cup 2019 Hungary:


Light Heavyweight (-90 Kg): Tena Antonin (Czech Republic)
Heavyweight (+90 Kg): Vobornik Libor (Czech Republic)


Open: Damian Kosiec (Poland)


Open: Ivan Klimov (Russia)


Junior (Open): Marek Jakub (Czech Republic)
Master (Open): Maria Inozemcev (Germany)
Medium size (-179 cm): Artem Tkach (Ukraine)
Talla Alta (+179 cm): Sidy Pouye (Spain)


Junior (Open): Sumanieieva Oleksandra (Ukraine)
Master (Open): Elena Panina (Russia)
Short (-160 cm): Brigitta German (Ireland)
Middle (-164 cm): Sumanieieva Oleksandra (Ukraine)
Tall (-169 cm): Agne Kiviselg (Estonia)
Super Tall (+169 cm): Reeta Kanniainen (Finland)


Open: Michaela DiGenaro (Italy)


Open: Olga Upelniece (UK)


Open: Michaela Pavleova (Slovakia)


Open: Michaela Kinc (Czech Republic)


Open: Karina Kondratieva (Belarus)

OVERALL BIKINI FITNESS: Reeta Kanniainen (Finland)
OVERALL MEN’S PHYSIQUE: Artem Tkach (Ukraine)
OVERALL BODYBUILDING: Libor Vobornik (Czech Republic)


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