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Army bench press

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Army bench press is one of the main exercises for working out the muscles of the shoulder girdle. It works well on deltoids, which contributes to their hypertrophy. How to perform correctly, which muscles are involved, as well as the most common mistakes – all this can be found in this article.

What muscles work

Standing barbell press works best on the front and middle bundle of deltoid muscles, the back is practically not involved. Less load falls on the trapezoid and triceps. The wider the grip of the neck, the less triceps will be included in the work. The optimal grip is considered a little wider than the shoulders. For the stability of the body responsible press, lower back, legs and buttocks.

In the case where there are problems with the spine, the best option would be a bench press sitting.

Despite the fact that the army bench press is very effective for shoulder growth, it alone is not enough for training. It is necessary to add other exercises that involve the rear beam of the delta, because it is he who gives a beautiful and even relief. In the complex you can add swings with dumbbells, abduction of hands in the simulator. Standing barbell press is acceptable to endure at the end of the workout in order to better feel its effectiveness.

muscle work

Execution technique

A set of muscle mass depends directly on success in basic exercises, so the more weight you lift, the faster your shoulders grow. At the same time, the correctness of execution remains the most important, without it, no results can be achieved. It is recommended that you choose such a weight that with slight difficulty perform 8-12 repetitions.

The army press is performed as follows:

take the barbell in your hands with a closed grip slightly wider than the width of the shoulders from the floor or racks, elbows pointing down;
fix the barbell on the collarbone;
bend your knees and push the barbell over your head, slightly bending backward, while the head is looking forward;
lower back onto the collarbone, cushioning your legs.

Repetitions must be done smoothly, without jerking, at a moderate speed. When lifting, it is necessary to exhale strongly, and when lowering, inhale.

You can replace the exercise with a lite option. To do this, set the back of an inclined bench perpendicularly and perform a bench press while sitting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The origin of the army bench press has military roots, where functionality comes first. The exercise was performed in order to:

as quickly as possible and deftly plant a fighter to overcome an obstacle;
climb out the window if necessary.

In addition to specific muscles, there is a study of the whole body for endurance, stability, which will positively affect the fight. There are also disadvantages, among them:

high probability of injury;
risk of dropping the bar.

The muscles and joints of the shoulders are very mobile and damaging them is quite simple. Pushing from the chest carries a heavy load on the back. Therefore, if there is a problem with the spine or the muscles are not warmed up enough, it is possible to drop the barbell on your legs.

It is worth doing a good workout, being focused, before taking working weights.


Army bench press is a technical exercise where any mistake can cause serious harm to health. Especially beginners should take training seriously. Among the most common mistakes:

heavy weight;
poor workout;
incorrect body position;
improperly selected shoes;
extra movements.

With the right technique, the bench press will perfectly work the muscles of the hands, strengthen the corset, and increase the stamina of the body. Beginners should start classes with a trainer and not zealous with large weights. There is always a risk of injury, but your health depends on you!


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