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Arginine Ornithine Lysine from Maxler

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German drug Arginine Ornithine Lysine produced by the company Maxler take to stimulate growth hormone. Due to the fact that the body begins to be produced somatotropin, faster muscle building, faster recovery processes occur. Athletes usually use this Supplement is to gain muscle mass. This sports nutrition is popular not only among bodybuilders, but also in many power sports.

Stimulator of growth hormone has on the body of the athlete following positive effects:

  • increases the natural synthesis of growth hormone;
  • greatly reduces fatigue and accelerates the recovery processes after training;
  • improves health and improves immunity;
  • increase the strength of the bodybuilder;
  • increases the rate of muscle growth, recovery and healing of injuries as well as joints and ligaments;
  • accelerates fat metabolism.

In addition, the Supplement is significantly reduces bad cholesterol.


One serving of Arginine Ornithine Lysine (3 capsules) gives the athlete:

  • 8.2 calories;
  • 2G protein;
  • 750mg ornithine;
  • 750mg of lysine;
  • 810мг arginine.

How to take Arginine Ornithine Lysine

The experts of the manufacturer is recommended to drink per day for one serving of the sports supplements, that is, three capsules. To take the drug is best after a workout, and free from school days — just before going to sleep. The last due to the fact that at night time the growth hormone is produced best.

Use of lysine and ornithine, can be made even more effective. To achieve this, the drug is taken with certain other additives. The specific choice depends on the pursued goal of a bodybuilder:

  • To improve the quality of regenerative processes, reduce the catabolic manifestations after the training, the best muscle dry mass Supplement recommended to use with serum proteins, for example, 100% Golden Whey.
  • To accelerate recovery, improve endurance, and productivity in training the drug should be consumed along with amino acid complexes, e.g., with Amino Magic Fuel.
  • To increase anaerobic endurance, maximum mass, and also improve the overall power potential stimulator of growth hormone drink with creatine monohydrate. Preference should be given to the product which is also manufactured by the company
  • To improve the health of the athlete and General immunity in periods of shortage of micro-, macro-elements with a vitamin-mineral complex.

Use Supplement recommended course, which lasts from four to five weeks. The break should be similar to the duration of the course. To take the drug after consultation with a personal trainer.


On sports forums, and online stores, bodybuilders and athletes engaged in other security disciplines, write about the fact that the Supplement has high quality and reasonable price, and has a powerful effect. The drug, as noted by the athletes, allows better sleep, and woke up cheerful and in good spirits. Arginine Ornithine Lysine can help you better and recover faster. The effect of using supplements come a week after the start of the course. At bedtime, the drug is best to drink with casein protein.

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