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Aqua aerobics: fitness complex for beginners

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Aqua aerobics: fitness complex for beginners

The contents

  • Aqua aerobics is a safe and effective fitness
  • There is Aqua aerobics for weight loss?
  • Fitness exercise from aerobics

Exercise in water is good in that suit almost everyone. As a rule, they can be carried out even when any other physical activity is prohibited. Owing to the light load water fitness used for rehabilitation of the spine and joints after injuries and surgical interventions. Water aerobics can be enjoyed for the elderly, pregnant women and people suffering from varicose veins, obesity and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Aqua aerobics is a safe and effective fitness

Exercise in water significantly different from activities on land. Water environment creates special conditions for fitness activities. It significantly reduced load on the joints, spine and cardiovascular system. However, the impact on the muscles in the water not only does not decrease but even increases. In the aquatic environment the muscles have to overcome more resistance than air. But due to the physical properties of the fluid load on the muscles feel like increased, and training for water aerobics not wear down the body. Even after a 40 minute intense workout man out of the water, feeling awake and full of energy.

Unlike swimming, which gives the load primarily on the shoulder girdle, water aerobics involves exercise, working on all parts of the body. In the classroom Aqua musculature develops comprehensively and uniformly, and most important strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Water exercises help to improve posture and ensure the prevention of osteoarthritis. But stay in the water affects the muscles and relaxing effect if they pinched and stiff. During water aerobics removable the muscular clips and tension, the pain goes away.

Water aerobics, like any cardio, a beneficial effect on the heart muscle develops force, stimulates blood circulation, trains the lungs. Fitness exercises in the water improves venous blood flow, so water aerobics it is possible and even necessary to deal with varicose veins. Useful Aqua and hypertension, and reduces blood pressure. Water aerobics, like swimming, hardens the body and strengthens the immune system.

There is Aqua aerobics for weight loss?

30 minutes of Aqua aerobics is spent 270-300 calories. If exercise lasts longer, every five minutes spent 40-50 kcal. Water fitness, like any aerobic exercise, has fat burning effects. How fast will the process of weight loss depends on the pace (heart rate) and regularity of classes. To lose weight, you must train at least two times a week for 45-60 minutes. Can be done daily workouts, and even better to combine aerobics with land classes.

Weight loss is not the only beneficial effect on the figure that has water aerobics. During training, the water surrounding the body, acts as a massager, improving metabolic processes in the skin and enhancing its tone. Gradually, the skin becomes more elastic. Water massage helps to eliminate existing cellulite and prevents the formation of new ones. It is thanks to the massage effect muscle pain after water exercise is less pronounced than after the fitness classes at the gym — water massage prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles.

Fitness exercise from aerobics

You can train under the guidance of the instructor and independently. When choosing fitness exercises guided by physical fitness and health. Beginners should start with mastering the basic exercises. At first, the pace and the amplitude of the movements must be such as to be able to survive 30 minutes without stopping. Beginners water fitness fit following set of exercises:

  • Walking and running with the vigorous work of hands. Running in water is performed by high-rises of the hips or flexion of legs ago. Run and walk, stay in one place.
  • Jumping with the movement. Performing a jump up, move sideways, forward and backward.
  • Jumping on the spot. Jump on one, then on the other foot, and finally on both. Out of the water in this exercise, you will not jump out.
  • Rhythmic jumps. On one of the legs put together, on two bred (in the jump). Performing jumps, actively move hands.
  • Jumping with the group. Bounce, grouped, and then down spreading legs.
  • Foot. Wave turns one, then the other leg to the side, forward, backward, diagonally.
  • Attacks. Attacks are accompanied by movements at first bent, then straightened hands.
  • Mahi standing in the attack. Waving forward bent and straightened leg.
  • Massaging the legs, thighs and abdomen. A good massage stimulates the weight loss problem areas.
  • Stretching muscles. Hand carried down on the side and drawn behind her. Then perform a wave-like movement of the whole body.

Classes in water aerobics used a variety of equipment. It is necessary for the balance and regulation of the load level. The most popular devices is a flexible stick (noodle), aquapac, water dumbbells, ankle cuffs, boards for swimming, aqualectra. These and other shells, usually equipped with swimming pools. To learn how to use them, you can sign up for group classes in water aerobics, or download video tutorials online.

To do Aqua-fitness, there are contraindications. Training is prohibited in severe heart disease and during acute heart disease (pre – and post-infarction state). Caution should be taken to Aqua fitness classes for asthma, spinal cord injuries, severe forms of degenerative disc disease, predisposition to convulsions and allergies — in all these cases you need to consult with your doctor, it is advisable to train under the guidance of the instructor.

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