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Anthony Velent gained 145 kg after breaking biceps

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This spring, Canadian professional bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant has experienced many setbacks. By the time he seemed to be in his peak form and was ready to enter the stage of the New York Pro and Toronto Pro Supershow tournaments for several days, he tore his biceps in the sports club. After the first examinations in the hospital, it became clear that this competitive season was over for him. Surgery and recovery followed, followed by a gradual return to training.
Anthony is 32 years old and he is already feeling well, currently with an increase of 183 cm he gained 145 kg. The athlete saw such a figure on the scale immediately after the morning rise, so it seems that we have what to expect from him next year. Velent plans to start the pre-competition stage from December 18 and will strive to enter the Arnold Classic South America festival, which is scheduled for the last weekend of April. However, his coach, Dorian Hamilton, mentions that if everything goes well, he may leave on April 11th at the St. Louis Pro tournament. Several photographs of Anthony’s volumes have been taken over the past two weeks.

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