Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

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Anthony Valent exceeded 300 pounds despite the injury

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Anthony Valent (Antoine Vaillant), was forced to return in the off-season, turning all of your competitive plans this year. During the preparation for the tournament, Toronto Pro athlete ripped biceps, having received a very nasty injury, threw him heavily backwards. But now Anthony rebuild muscle and demonstrated the weight 301 lb (137 kg):

301 pound this morning. Great pump! Found new techniques that allow you to workout without the involvement of the injured biceps. Can still focus and train all week with the guys here in the gym @puremuscleandfitness subject to the contest season IFBB 2020. Look forward to that continuing to devote time and patience, but at the same time trying to continue to improve.

Thus, canadian professional bodybuilder, who this month will be 32 years old, injured, but not broken, and is confident in next season.

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