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Anthony Valent equipped a mega home gym

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Since commercial fitness centers were closed in most countries of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, various basements and garages were massively launched. Especially applies to professional bodybuilding and fitness athletes, for whom their sport is often a source of livelihood. For example, Canadian professional bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant, who last winter, when he began to prepare for the spring competition season, thought it would be nice to create a home gym. And so, by March, he had already equipped his garage with all kinds of simulators. Now you can look at the canadian home hall in the following photos, one of which shows that he is still in good shape. As reported, Anthony initially planned to enter the season at the Arnold Classic South America festival this year. But his plans because of the epidemic that hit all continents, completely changed, since the competition was postponed to the fall.
Anthony Velent

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