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An individual program of exercises and examples

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An individual program of exercises and examples
The contents

  • Features training fitness program
  • The need for elaborate sports programs
  • Who is an individual set of exercises
  • An example of a basic fitness program

Almost all inexperienced people before the first training, the question arises: what constitutes a training program? Is it necessary? Throughout many years of sports experience leading experts have developed tactics that successfully helps to achieve specific goals in fitness. We can say that the program fitness workouts — this is an individual complex of exercises which is designed to help achieve those or other results on the sports field or in the field of physical health.

Features training fitness program

If a beginner wants to get rid of extra pounds, gain muscle mass or improve the relief of the body, you will a personal fitness exercise program will allow you to do this without harm for health. Program fitness training for professionals who have already achieved any results, will be aimed at resolving the challenges and problems of a different kind.

For example, an experienced boxer, an individual program of exercises can help to improve the technique, and the bodybuilder is to improve the efficiency of the bench press bar or improve the performance of endurance. The main rule is to first decide what sports you want the task to solve, and then pick up and be very fitness program.

The mode of sports training are prepared individually for each person. Fitness program for beginners, people with average level of fitness training and professional athletes are completely different. For beginners the emphasis of the training will focus on the implementation of the standard basic exercises. In the course of experience, training can be gradually complicated in technique and intensity. Experienced athletes fitness program offers a complex multicomponent movements and intensive systems, which require fine physical form and correct technique. In addition to these programs, there are basic fitness programs designed specifically for working in groups.

Fitness instructor develops an individual program of specific movements, which aimed at a thorough study of certain areas of the muscles. For example, the program for the muscles of the legs will include exercises solely for the development of this zone. Movements will be the same, regardless of fitness level attending. The differences for the experienced and beginners will be only in the number of approaches and number of workouts per week.

The main difference intra-group training and individual that a personal instructor is a fitness program under a single person, taking into account the preparation of his age, body weight, physical activity level, lifestyle, heart rate and other important metrics.

The need for elaborate sports programs

Usually a fitness program designed for inexperienced people who don’t know where to start training and how best to achieve required results. Fitness classes in elaborate scheme to help people who have been engaged, but not yet able to achieve its objectives. Perhaps this is the result that the person engaged in improper or incorrectly performed exercises.

Advantages of training for personal fitness program:

  • Properly distributed over the days of the week exercises and a certain intensity ensure excellent sports performance. This applies to both fitness training in the gym and exercising at home.
  • Fitness program helps to properly distribute the exercise to avoid injuries or negative consequences to overall health.
  • A fully developed training program exercises — a great motivator. She forces to do the simple regular mode, which only contributes to the rapid positive result.
  • Who is an individual set of exercises

    Before personally to undertake the compilation of suitable fitness program, you should think about how much you know about anatomy and physiology. The best option is to contact a reliable instructor. Specialist will help to take into account all peculiarities of your body and make appropriate recommendations. What will help avoid possible injury or the effect of a training plateau.

    Beginners especially can not do without an experienced coach: the instructor will teach you to correctly perform the exercises at a comfortable pace, so they don’t hurt, and ASAP had a positive effect.

    An example of a basic fitness program

    Fitness program for beginners should initially be focused on the development of stamina and strength, so that later you can switch to a more active, intense and strenuous exercise. The optimal mode of execution of the exercises — 2 times a week. If the novice is required to bring the body in shape and improve the relief of muscle, then you need to exercise at least 3 times weekly. The emphasis should be on aerobic fitness training with proper switching in power systems.

    As example is the classic fitness program for girl 26 years old, weighing about 60 kg, the aim of which is to improve your figure. Her training regime will consist of a power complex and for more aerobic physical activity.

    Power fitness training will contribute to the elaboration of the entire musculature. So to study the calf muscles is acceptable to use squats and propriety with additional weights, as well as lunges (each item in 3 sets of 15 reps). As a restorative exercise perfect plank (5 sets of 15-20 seconds).

    Duration aerobic fitness training can reach about 50-55 minutes. Each lesson should begin with a light warm-up of the complex and continue cardio: 8-10 races with acceleration, interval running, active sports and walking. These exercises will help to strengthen the heart muscle and prepares the body for more intense physical activity.

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