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Amino BCAA 4200 Is from

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Amino BCAA 4200 from Maxler is a complex of branched chain amino acids. The drug is of good quality at a low price. It is a pill, and drink prior to cardio after weight training or at another time that is convenient to the athlete. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are not synthesized in the body. Get them food and sports nutrition is important if you want to achieve high results in the power sports or bodybuilding.

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Effects from taking

  • Protection from catabolism during cardio;
  • Best recovery after strength training;
  • Acceleration of hormone secretion simple when taken at night;
  • The increase in amino acid levels in the blood;
  • Improved metabolism, support of dry body weight;
  • Help with dieting for drying and losing weight

This complex has the perfect ratio of amino acids of two to one to one, it is scientifically proven that this composition helps most athletes achieve the purpose of use of BCAA.


Per serving of 3 pills, they contain:

  • 20 calories;
  • 4.2 g protein;
  • 0g carbohydrates;
  • 0.3 g of fats;
  • 411мг of calcium;
  • 2.1 g of leucine;
  • 1.05 g of valine;
  • 1.05 g of isoleucine.


Pills BCAA ideal for those who want to do without colors or sweeteners. They do not promote fluid retention and edema.

How to take Amino BCAA 4200 Is from

Supplement you can take 2-3 servings daily. In the days medium workouts I drink 3 tablets before and after class, in the days of heavy – and another serving before bedtime. On the day of rest need to take a serving in the morning and one in between meals.

Supplement can be taken together with any sports nutrition – creatine, fat burners, carnitine, other amino acids, glutamine. Usually, BCAA don’t drink protein because it makes practical sense.

Do you need some course, BCAA? No, it is a Supplement of admission. Many trainers advise athletes to drink drying amino acids immediately after weight training and before cardio. Scientific studies prove that it makes sense. So the athlete gets sufficient amino acids to stop the catabolic process.

Those who drink additional protein in the amount of 2 to 3 servings, and eat protein bars, you can do one portion of BCAA. For ease of use in training, after strength to drink another type of sports nutrition – amino acids, which dissolve in water, this company has those too.

Many athletes do not know the secret of reception of tablets, BCAA. In fact, they are digested normally, it is only necessary to wash them down with plenty of water and not to consume in this eating something greasy. Belching amino acids happens in those who eat too much fat, and takes the “top” sports nutrition products.


Does it make sense to take BCAA this company tablets? The athletes were divided into two camps. Those fills from colors or sweeteners choose for drying, BCAA tablets and say that it is ideal for any speaker of the athlete and the fan, which tends to the good quality of the body.

Those who favour a more rapid recovery, saying that it is necessary to drink only amino acids that dissolve in water. But you’ve got to try which option is right for you, otherwise you will not get a check.

Reviews show that these amino acids yield as products of “Optimum Nutrien”, and “San”, but it is logical. The price of the products varies, and it is possible that capsules from “Maksler” will be slightly worse assimilated. However, diarrhea and stomach pain from them too, no one complains, so it’s a fair product for their money.

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