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Amazing facts about strength training

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Everyone knows that weight training develops muscles but not all of them know how important contribution they make to health. You’ll be surprised to know these facts about strength training.

Everyone knows that strength training strengthens the muscular system, but a complete list of their benefits is much wider. Strength training makes a significant contribution to health promotion. Most people are surprised to learn these facts about strength training.

The immune system

Immunity strength depends on the concentration of the amino acid glutamine, the muscular system provides glutamine for the immune system. The better developed muscles, the more glutamine will receive immunity. Thus, working with weights makes you more resilient to various diseases.


About 20% of bone mineral density depend on the state of the muscular system. Studies show that strength training helps people with low bone density. The hardest subject to destruction of the bones of a woman in old age, for them strength training is the ability to significantly increase bone density and overall strength.

Combating diabetes

Strength training increases the susceptibility of the organism to insulin, decreased sensitivity to insulin is a precursor of diabetes of the second type.

Training with weights is considered, as prevention of diabetes and as a tool to help with diabetes.

In one study of this issue took part after menopause, women with diabetes of the second type. After four months of strength training their sensitivity to glucose increased on average by 29%.

Relief of symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis

Strength training reduce the activity of rheumatoid arthritis, decreases the manifestation of symptoms, making patients feel much better. Research by American scientists have shown that just ten weeks of intense strength training significantly increases bone strength and reduce pain.

Promote weight loss

Strength training changes the body composition, this applies not only to the increase in the number of muscle mass, but will also reduce the amount of fat mass. Working with weights increases metabolism, observations have shown that adding 5 kg of muscle mass the metabolism is accelerated 7%, resulting in a daily body starts to burn 15% more calories. At rest, each pound of muscle mass consumes about 85 calories during workouts and other physical activity energy expenditure increases.

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