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Amateur Olympia in Lebanon canceled due to the government

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In Lebanon April 20, was scheduled Amateur Olympia Lebanon, but now the Federation NPC/Pro League removed this tournament from its schedule of competitions for the year 2019. Promoters (Elmoussawi Brothers) the Amateur Olympia now organize another show and athletes from around the world can participate in this new event, scheduled for the same day. The organizers pointed out in the message that the athletes that have registered previously on the original Amateur Olympia NPC should not be recorded again. The tournament is now called Lebanon just Pro / Am and the poster is very misleading, as there is no information about what the Federation is the competition. An indication of the fact that it is a show that is NPC / NPC Pro League, is that their bodybuilders big Ramy (Big Ramy) and Brandon Curry (Brandon Curry) are invited with a guest posing. Common practice for NPC / Pro League is to print on every poster of the competition of their official logos, but this poster is nothing. Portal Evolution of bodybuilding sources said that there intervened the country’s government and has taken the necessary steps to cancel the show. Perhaps the government recognizes only the Federation IFBB, created by Ben and Joe Vader, and now led by President Dr. Rafael santhai. Promoters hope to change the appearance of the event in order to circumvent the prohibitions of government officials.

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