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All the colors… of the language: as evidenced by its unusual color

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1. White language

Thick white coating is leukoplakia, which occurs from Smoking or damage of the language. Nothing, but to descend to the doctor. Just don’t confuse it with a yeast infection, which looks like a layer of cream cheese and testifies to a weak immune system, and in some cases diabetes.

2. Red “geographic” tongue

Language in spots with small “Islands” — here is its description. It is not dangerous, although no one yet knows why it happens.

3. The red tip of the tongue

This may mean mental or emotional stress. The tip of the tongue red, if you’re really worried, then returns to normal color.

4. Black tongue with hairs

Found in heavy smokers and when bacteria. Good hygiene, use of dental floss and quitting Smoking will help to get rid of this. Language also needs to be cleaned!

5. Yellow tongue

Problems with the liver or stomach. May indicate the beginning of the development of a disease, and the yellow gradually becomes a brown or black color. In a simple case it is a sign of poor hygiene or medications, if all else fails — speak to your doctor.

6. Brown language

Most often in smokers and coffee lovers. If he always has a color, can be lung problems.

7. Blue or purple tongue

Indicator of heart problems. If the heart is not well surpasses the blood or not enough oxygen, this is reflected in the color of the language. Urgently to the doctor!

8. Pale tongue

The lack of vitamins, A and B12. It is better to go to the doctor and take a diet rich in carrots, spinach, greens, liver, fish and beef.

In any case, if the language that something is wrong and you’re afraid, go to the doctor!

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