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All about proper pumping buttocks in the gym and at home

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Perhaps every modern representative of the fairer sex, tends to give a roundness to his body, and in particular the gluteal muscles. It does not matter the process will be moved to the gym or get format home workouts, to achieve a result in any case.

Briefly about the anatomy of the gluteal muscles

About how to build gluteus Maximus ask myself a lot, but for a deeper understanding of the issue, is to begin to understand anatomical structure. The gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle group that performs the complex functions for the maintenance and movement of the body. It includes three paired muscles:

  • The gluteus Maximus. The most extensive and powerful of the group. Performs extensor function, rotate the thigh inward. Muscle is involved in many sports areas, particularly gaming.
  • Average. Performs the function of hip abduction, front beams rotate the thigh inward, back outward. Also involved in torso while resting on one leg.
  • Small. Muscle deep bedding. Performs the function of abstraction, are involved in the movement of the tilting by relying on one foot.

The more developed muscle on the buttocks, the easier it is given to physical exertion any level, because it group is responsible for the maintenance and movement of the body.

Hence, use of muscle development priests have the aesthetic and practical nature.

Why swing?

There are those who are satisfied with finesse and pronounced musculature is just off-putting. However, pumping buttocks – it attracts attention and is extremely useful, because the gluteal muscle reveals a person a lot of advantages, and just makes life easier:

  • The correct posture. Large gluteal muscle straightens the body, locks in the correct position, improving posture, and the silhouette becomes slimmer.
  • Stabilization of the spine. Again, a lot of muscle. The better-developed, the less the risk of developing pain in the region of the lumbar.
  • Slim and fit legs. Weight exercises for buttocks develop leg muscles, so one workout is achieved a double result.
  • Protection of joints and tendons. Developed muscles of the buttocks will help to keep in the correct position of the femur and knee joints. The better pumped ass, the smoother, healthier feet.

It is important to bodybuilding glutes benefit, not harm, to follow closely the technique of performing exercises. The slightest violation of the guidelines for exercise can cause poor quality workout, or even injury.

Basic features of pumping the muscles the priests

If you analyze separate workouts for men and women, the obvious difference in technique could be found. Another thing – anatomical features. Gluteal muscle women originally designed for high load and much hardier men, but a technical error allowed women more often. Basic error – incorrect position of knees, deep trough of the lower back. This severely affected the productivity of exercise, increases the risk of injury.

Do not forget about proper warm up and stretching, with regard to any kind of physical activity. Since the buttocks, one of the largest muscle groups of the body, they just need competent training. Functional hypertrophy of the buttocks, photos of the results of which serve as a stimulus for training on simulators most requires close attention to training, adherence to proper nutrition.

In the process of pumping the body proper nutrition should become a habit and way of life. Without proper muscle support with food, they just are not physically able to grow and develop properly. Thus, nutrition is less important as the correct, metered load.

Often dreaming of beautiful inflated the Pope firmly believe that to achieve results only possible with a personal trainer. This belief is not without truth, but it is not a hard and fast rule. Properly “shake” the buttocks is possible by means of special programs prepared by other professionals, of which a great many on the Internet. Allowed to use special mobile applications, which are based on some personal data, constructing the system of training.

The only usual thing is to sporting impossible the buttocks, treating training not serious, by doing exercises somehow, without a strict sequence.

Basic exercises for leveling the gluteal muscles

The basis of training the muscles of the buttocks formed a system of constantly increasing loads. Only under systematically changing conditions muscles will grow and develop as expected. Do not forget about the complexity, since pumping only one part of the body you can get unattractive misshapen silhouette, with pronounced hypertrophy in one place and actual atrophy in the others.

Each trainer has his eyes on how much to pump up the buttocks, but there is a complex of the most productive exercises that are used at virtually any training program.


About this kind of exercise have not heard just lazy, that’s just it’s not as easy as it seems at first glance. Proper squats typical full amplitude and cultivation of knees to the side. Is to avoid deflection of the lumbar, as this may cause injury and reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. Performing with a full range of squat allows to optimally distribute the weight of the rod, if the exercise is done with weights. Knees with this approach, also get a secure fit at the bottom.


Also extremely popular exercise. It has several variations, can be performed with weights or just with its own weight. Lunges can be done on the spot, making steps forward, backward and to the side, it is possible to go thus around the room, to add movement body. It is also included in the basic bodybuilding exercises for buttocks and is performed with dumbbells.

Bench platform legs

In this exercise, is extremely important to position foot on the platform surface. To maximize the development of the gluteal muscles, reducing the load on the spine, it is recommended to put the legs in the upper corners of the platform, to avoid bending the knees more than 900. The back is better to keep tense, and lower back slightly bend. Heels platform to tear off it is impossible at any stage of execution, to avoid delays.


Very effective pumping not only the gluteus, but also the hips, and also trains grip strength, when using a lifting technique rynkowym grip. The most common mistake when performing the deadlift, excessive load on the lower back. To avoid such a moment should be strictly a shell on the hips and the knees kept slightly bent, does not extend beyond a straight line.


You can do classic or otherwise. For such exercise in the hall you can find a special trainer, but the approach it recommended, having slightly more developed musculature and basic training. To workout at home exercise can be performed lying on the floor or leaning over any suitable object. Exercise strengthens not only the muscles of the buttocks, it develops the muscles of the feet, the muscular corset back.

Bulgarian squats

To attractive gluteal muscle, photos of which forced each time to go and engage in the strong pace, with the help of this simple exercise, doing it even at home. The peculiarity lies in the arrangement of the laid back legs elevated at right angles. Support leg does squats, then the situation changes. For maximum efficiency, you can use a dumbbell.


They are also called abduction of the legs. Exercise can be done in different directions with weights and resistance. To create additional resistance in the gym used elastic headband, cuffs cargo. In the framework of home workouts as resistance can be performed by the partner, and how the weights fit a special leg cuffs with Velcro fasteners.

These bodybuilding exercises for the glutes with proper execution and combined will increase the desired inches. It is worth remembering that the gluteal muscle is a very large group, it pumping just need to use extra weight. Load using only its own weight of the body may not produce positive effect or significantly slow down the process.

In conclusion

About how to build gluteal muscles, is already said and written a lot. Today, everyone can find something suitable for you from the material or to go to the gym, where under the guidance of a coach, the process will be more organized. But never forget a few simple rules:

  • Organization and sequence. Haven’t come up with one universal exercise that once and for all change forms priests to perfect. Starting exercise, you should just set yourself on discipline. Only strict adherence to the program, proper nutrition will allow you to succeed.
  • Growth of body weight. This is something that will inevitably happen in different places at the same time. Unfortunately you can’t force the body to increase the volume only in one specific point, so we should immediately prepare for the fact that other parts of the body will grow and get stronger.
  • The genetic barrier. It depends on the final result of the training. You can not rely on shape Jennifer Lopez, if all the relatives are more like Hussein Bolt. Exercise and proper nutrition will allow you to purchase, correct, but not fundamentally change what the nature.

Beautiful buttocks is an achievable goal if you treat it with intelligence and diligence. So, a little perseverance, faith in yourself, and that’s already attractive roundness not just a picture in a magazine, but a real reflection in the mirror.

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